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Broadband Home::1 package


Our Home::1 package is specially designed to meet the needs of the typical home user, and is based on feedback from customers. This package is somewhat different to our standard packages as it has a much simpler pricing model. The package is specifically for home users who mostly download in the evenings but need the freedom to occasionally download during the day without worrying about over usage charges or penalties.

Whilst 100GB per month will suit most home users, for only £35 you can have 200GB, and there are options for more.


You can order on-line with this simple one-page order form. You can also use this to get a quote and speed estimate for your line and choice of options.

Why use A&A?

Key features

  • Simple pricing £25 pcm for 100GB/month of data download.
  • No units or time periods - usage is any time of day or night.
  • No limit on upload, only the download is metered.
  • No risk - simple instant top-up option if you hit limits.
  • Clear simple pricing for a range of useful add-ons.
  • Only a 6 month term, then rolling monthly contract, no catches
  • Block of IPv6 addresses statically assigned (/48 per customer), and single static IPv4 address.
  • Can be supplied with a preconfigured WiFi router.
  • Includes the same level of control and monitoring as our standard services, including CQM graphs.
  • UK tech support, 8-6 Mon-Fri, by phone, email, irc and SMS.

If you use more than your tariff then you can instantly top-up your usage for a one-off fee of £10 for 50GB more, otherwise service will resume as normal at the 1st of the following month. The top up is paid for by a separate Direct Debit and lasts to the end of the following month, or until used up.


  • Home::1 gives 100GB/month download for £25 - simple!
  • High speed (capped at 40M/10M) only £10 extra.
  • Even higher speed (capped at 80M/20M) only another £5 extra.
  • Higher usage 200GB/month only £35.
  • You can use the order form to work out the total install and ongoing price for different options and check availability for your address without actually placing and order.

Add ons / full pricing
Home::1 topup usageAdditional usage purchases as requiredAdds 50GB usage, valid to end of following month£10
Home::1 Copper pair for broadband serviceCopper pair to exchange for broadband serviceNo telephone service.£10 pcm
Home::1 Add-On: VDSL/FTTCExtra cost for VDSL/FTTC instead of ADSL2+ lineVDSL/FTTC is capped to 40/10Mb/s unless you have the higher capping add-on£10 pcm
Home::1 Add-On: 80/20Mb/s cap on VDSL/FTTC/FTTP instead of standard 40/10 capHigher capping on VDSL/FTTC lines to allow higher speedWhere available - this is in addition to the VDSL/FTTC/FTTP add-on£5 pcm
Home::1 Add-On: Fibre to the premises 40/10Fibre to Premises line, 40Mb/s down, 10Mb/s up.FTTP has limited availability£10 pcm
Home::1 Broadband, 200GB usage allowanceOur home/domestic use broadband package with higher usage 200GB monthly download limit.£35 pcm
Home::1 Broadband, 300GB usage allowanceOur home/domestic use broadband package with very high usage 300GB monthly download limit.£45 pcm
Broadband modem/router with WiFi, purchased with Home::1A comprehensive ADSL/VDSL modem/broadband router with WiFi and IPv6 support for your Home::1 installation. Auto-configured to work with your line on first connection. Yours to keep, with a 1 year warranty.£25
Setup / install pricing and options
Migrate/regrade broadband from existing serviceMigrating broadband from another BT based service to our service using BT backhaul£1
Migrate in existing VDSL/FTTC BTW based serviceReduced price for a migration of BTW based VDSL/FTTC (such as BT Infinity) to a similar service with A&A.£15
Home::1 ADSL setup fee (without modem/router)Connection charge for new ADSL based Home::1 broadband service.Does not include a modem/router£25
Home::1 VDSL/FTTC setup (excluding modem/router)Connection charge for new VDSL based Home::1 broadband service.Does not include a modem/router£50
PSTN takeover for broadband service (must have NTE5)Taking over an existing PSTN service to provide for broadband use.No outgoing calls. Includes broadband only use modem lead faceplate£15
New copper pair installation for broadband use.Installation of a copper pair for broadband use - billing for this is separately listed on the bill and starts from the date the copper pair is activated even if broadband is not yet installed.This is a broadband only copper pair to support broadband and does not offer a telephone service.£60
Ubiquiti UniFi UAP Pro 450 Mbps (2.4/5GHz) AP/Hotspot - 3 Pack
Three Unifi dual frequency access points that work as a set to provide excellent coverage of home or office. Easy set-up.
The standard Home::1 service has the option of a single WiFi AP anyway. Use this option in order to provide more reliable WiFi in large buildings or those with thick walls.


  • Monthly Direct Debit only
  • Only a 6 month term, then ongoing contract.
  • BT & TalkTalk lines only (BT 20CN ADSL, BT 21CN ADSL2+, BT FTTC, BT FTTP, TalkTalk)
  • Non business customers only (i.e. residential address and not VAT registered)
  • Does not include a domain, mailboxes, web space, etc. These are available as extras as per standard pricing.
  • Credit control is strictly applied and any failed payments or cancelled Direct Debit causes the service to be blocked immediately. Service is only restored on cleared payment of outstanding balance, including any admin fee for bounced payments. You can call to fix your account by credit/debit card during office hours, and this takes a couple of hours to get you on-line again. You can fix the account by BACS or fast payment but service restored the day after payment arrives. Cheques not accepted.

Frequently asked questions

Is this any good for gaming
All of our broadband services use the same core system to meet our aims of a consistent low latency and zero packet loss connection. Latency and packet loss can be affected by filling your link but this not normally the case for games. There can be issues, obviously, but unlike most ISPs we monitor every line every second and we work with carriers when we see any signs of congestion in their back-haul network. This makes our services ideal for gamers.
Can I get "Fibre Broadband"
Basically, yes. Most services described as "fibre broadband", like BT Infinity, are actually VDSL from the cabinet. As they use a much shorter length of copper telephone wire they allow faster services. Where available, we can provide the same underlying connection using the same technology and cabinets, but connecting through our network.
Will I have to be at home for an engineer visit?
If we are installing a brand new copper pair (phone line) then that requires an engineer visit. We will arrange an appointment with you. However, if you have a phone line already, or we can start a stopped line (recently ceased line is in the premises) then no engineer is needed. The broadband side is installed without the need for an engineer visit - you just plug in the modem (with splitter if you need).
Do you offer more reliable WiFi?
Some providers advertise that nobody offers a more reliable WiFi signal. This is not entirely accurate. The WiFi signal depends on the equipment you use for WiFi in your home/office and is nothing to do with the broadband service. We, like other companies, will supply a broadband router that also acts as a WiFi access point, and that one access point is no better or worse than any other to the same standard. But we can also supply more reliable wifi using multiple access points that seamlessly hand over as you move around your house ensuring the best signal for every device. These are not cheap for a home user, but they can be installed once and used with any ISP. We are happy to sell access points with or without our broadband service.
When does the usage period start/end?
The usage is per calendar month, and starts at 00:00:00 on 1st of each month. It can take up to a second for metering to switch to the new month. It can take a few minutes to re-start lines which are suspended or slowed at that point.
What speed will I get?
You can use the checker to see what is available:
Can I see how much I have used?
We have control pages that include details of how much you have downloaded, and much more. Our full control pages and monitoring services are included.
What happens when I use too much?
The service is locked down, and web page access goes to a top-up page. The lock down is typically within a second of reaching the limit, but any over usage is taken from the following month. Any unused top-up continues to the end of the month after it is purchased. There is otherwise no roll-over of usage.
If I pick the "slow" option, how slow is that?
The slow option slows your line down a lot when you have used too much quota, and takes any further (slow) usage from the following month's quota. The speed that is set depends on your monthly quota, and so is around 330kb/s if you are on 100GB, or 660kb/s if you are on 200GB. This is a level whereby you could not use all of next month's quota even if you started this month with almost none left.
Do I have to top-up?
Normally the service stops when you reach your quota. You can ask us to let it carry on at a low speed for the rest of the month if you prefer, taking usage from the following month. You can even ask us to automatically bill top-up if you like. But you don't have to top-up if you don't want to.
Will 100GB/month be enough?
One of the most common questions we get is whether the usage limit will be enough. OFCOM produce reports on UK broadband activities and in 2014, on average, households download 51GB per month. One of the highest usage activities is video - checking some typical 44 minute TV episodes on iTunes you can see that a SD TV episode is around 530MB, and an HD TV episode around 1.6GB. That works out about 140 hours of SD video or around 50 hours of HD video to make up 100GB, though this will vary from video to video. That is a lot of films or TV episodes a month, but if you do need more you can top-up or go for the higher packages. Many TV/streaming services allow you to control the resolution of video you watch which helps manage your usage.
Can I start on 100GB/month now and change to 200GB/month later if I want?
You can ask us to change your tariff for the coming month to be 100GB, 200GB, or even 300GB. It does not change the quota you have left in the current month, and if you exceed that you need to buy top-up usage to carry on using the Internet normally.
This seems a very good price - why can't business customers get this deal?
The package is specifically aimed at residential users and is based on the typical usage patterns for home usage which is mostly in the evening. Businesses have very different usage patterns. The key change here is that the evening time periods are no longer strictly enforced, which is a gamble we are prepared to take but only where we restrict the service to home users.
How do you define home user?
The service is not available to business, which includes anyone that has a company name on their account or is VAT registered or obviously at a business address. Anyone else can take the service, even if you are a sole trader or work from home as long as you are not VAT registered and the service is billed in your personal name. To enforce this we don't issue formal VAT invoices (we're only required to do so for VAT registered customers, so not applicable to this tariff).
Can I change to this tariff?
You can change from our units based tariff to this new tariff if you wish. We credit charges from 1st of the current month, and then re-invoice the new Home::1 charges for the month. Usage so far this month counts as part of Home::1 usage for the month. If you started this month with over usage brought forward this is charged for as well so as to start the month with a clean slate.
Can I have multiple lines?
This tariff is aimed at home users with one line. It is possible to buy multiple Home::1 packages at the same address and have them work as a bonded set of lines. If sharing IP addresses and bonding, the lines must be set up to auto top-up so that the quota for the two lines will share/balance between the lines
What if I start part way through a month?
You will get part of your monthly allowance until the end of that month, but we'll make sure it is at least a week's worth even if starting in the last few days.
Are there any charges for leaving?
There is a simple 6 month minimum term after which it is a ongoing contract. You can leave within the minimum term, but if you do then you will need to pay an early termination fee for the remainder of the term, which, for each line, is £15 pcm for ADSL and £20 pcm for VDSL/FTTC/FTTP.
Are there any other charges?
Customers can take any of our other services charged at the published prices. However, in some cases where existing customers move to this Home::1 tariff they may have options that are not part of the package as such. We will charge the normal price for such options (e.g. business grade phone line rather than residential). Please discuss with sales if you are unsure. Such services can normally be ceased or regraded to be standard for Home::1 if you wish. There is no cease charge for Home::1 services.
Why a 6 month term
We would far rather have no minimum term at all, and we try and do that on other tariffs. We would prefer that people stay because they are happy and not because they have to. The issue is that we have costs that have minimum terms on some things and some complicated cease charges. Some costs that don't have a minimum term and stop immediately. Some costs like the time and effort and cost of configuring and shipping a router when you start, and so on. These mean that, on other tariffs, there are minimum terms on some things and extra cease costs on others, and so on. It is complicated. The Home::1 tariff is meant to be simple, and we think a simple 6 month term and then monthly rolling contract should work out on average, though in some cases we will lose out.
Can I have extra IP addresses?
This service provides one static IPv4 address, as IPv4 addresses have run out and we have limited supply. However, we include 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 IPv6 addresses with the service, and we'll even announce a PI IPv6 block if you have one. In some cases, existing customers with IPv4 space can move to Home::1 and retain their IPv4 space.
What do you mean by "copper pair"
As you may know, most broadband services need a phone line which is an extra cost. In some cases advertised low broadband prices only apply when paying some high "line rental" price as well. In our case we can provide the line needed for broadband for an extra cost (£10 pcm), but this is not a telephone service. It provides a medium for the broadband in the same way as a phone line but does not allow telephone calls of any sort.
Are you druids or something?
You may have read in the terms that you can have billing every full moon. While Home::1 is Monthly Direct Debit only, you can ask sales for that to be Lunar months if you like. Your quota is 97% of the normal monthly allowance and starts on the exact full moon date/time within a few seconds, and you are billed that day at 97% of the normal monthly price. No, we are not druids, or werewolves, just geeks. We can also do four-weekly billing cycles (92% of monthly).
Why Home::1 ?
This is a home/residential package. Even in 2013 it is almost unique to find a "home" package that includes IPv6. In IPv6 ::1 is the address for "Home". Calling it Home127.0.0.1 seemed silly.