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VDSL broadband service

RJ11 plugA significant part of the UK can access services using faster VDSL (fibre to the cabinet) technology. We can provide these services using both BT and TalkTalk back-haul.


Marketing statement: The speed of the service depends on the distance from the cabinet to your premises, the type and quality of cable, may depend on other factors such as local radio interference, and can change over time. Use the availability checker to get a forecast of the speed for your specific location.

Warning: The speed estimate is usually quite good, but this is an estimate and is also very much outside our control. In general lines get close to or more than the forecast, but they can be much lower in some rare cases and very difficult to get fixed if that happens. If we can identify that there is a fault causing a lower than expected speed we will work to rectify that fault. However, simply having a lower speed than you would like is not always a fault.

Technical statement: Whilst the VDSL technology can allow speeds as high as 100Mb/s download on very short lines the service speeds are capped. Our VDSL service is capped at a downlink to 80Mb/s and uplink to 20Mb/s. It is important to realise that a line will not necessary reach these speeds, so please use the quote/checker to get an estimate. It is also important to realise that, regardless of the sync speed of your modem, the rate of a file transfer or speed test will also depend on many other factors, many of which are out of our control. Our aim is not to be the bottleneck and so provide a quality service at all times of day.


This service is only available where your line is connected to a suitable FTTC cabinet, or a new line can be installed via a suitable cabinet if ordering a simultaneous provision of phone line and FTTC. If you do not have a BT phone line, then the availability checker can be used to check based on your address. An FTTC simultaneous provision is where we provide a PSTN line and the FTTC service. Occasionally it is not possible the match up the phone line order and the FTTC order, in these (rare) cases the FTTC install will be around five working days later.


You can upgrade your ADSL service to VDSL if it is available on your line. The upgrade cost is the same as a new install. See the Regrade page for help with upgrading your line.

Usage tariffs

We offer a range of tariffs, including packages for home users (Home::1) which allow usage from 200GB per month. You can change tariff any time you want at no cost, taking effect from your next billing month. If you do not use all of your quota in a billing month, half of the unused about is added to the next month as a quota bonus.


FTTC is provided as a wires-only connection, which means BT will send an engineer to the cabinet to jumper the wiring but will not need to visit your premises. You will need a splitter and a suitable VDSL modem. This could be a VDSL/Ethernet bridge connected to a separate PPPoE router, or be an integrated in to a single VDSL router. You can buy a pre-configured VDSL modem/router with WiFi from us with your order if you wish.

When is fibre not fibre?

We believe there are some cases in remote villages where BT are providing the equivalent service to FTTC but using a microwave back-haul to the exchange instead of a fibre link. At present we are not able to identify such cases, but we expect that people in such villages are aware of this. If we find a way to identify such cases we will update our availability checker to reflect this so that customers are aware that the service is not actually FTTC. In practice, the services using a microwave link work in the same way with the same speeds.

When is fibre actually fibre?

There are some places where the same service is available with a fibre to the home service. This depends on your location, and is typically some new builds. The checker will confirm if this is the case. In such cases the service if basically the same. Importantly, you may see a fibre to the home - on demand option of checkers - this is not a service we offer at present.


Note that FTTC works differently to typical ADSL broadband and needs a VDSL modem. You will need a VDSL modem and PPPoE router, or combined VDSL modem/router to use the service. The underlying service operates as PPPoE over Ethernet over VDSL and uses a VLAN tag of 101 and no PPPoE service name.

The service supports RFC4638 with baby jumbo frames to support 1,500 byte MTU, but if your equipment cannot handle this then 1,492 MTU will be the highest you can use.

Note: This service has a minimum term. If you cease or migrate within the minimum term then an early termination fee applies.

Old units tariff

Customer using our older units tariffs have the following pricing and options.

VDSL Features

Installation£60.00Normal install price of new service and changing from existing no FTTC service.
Monthly (line only)£22.20 pcmMonthly cost for (broadband) line only, applicable when this is an extra line on the same site.
Monthly (2 units)£30.00 pcmMonthly cost with the minimum 2 units per month of usage allowance.
Daytime usageGB/unitDaytime period (9am-6pm Mon-Fri except hols) usage is GB/unit.
Evening/weekend/holiday is 50GB/unit
GoodAvailable as exchanges and cabinets are upgraded to support FTTC. You have to be connected to an upgraded cabinet, not just a suitable exchange. However, BT are rapidly extending availability throughout the UK.
TechnologyVDSLVDSL is a newer broadband protocol available on the shorter lines used for FTTC. The exact speed depends on line length and quality as well as the specific service offerings we have available in your area. Use the line checker to confirm likely speeds for your line.
Migration£15.00Migration from DSL or LLU is normal install price, this reduced migration price applies for moving from an existing BT based FTTC service, such as BT Infinity.


Premium£12.00 pcmWithout premium service speeds are capped at 40Mb/s downstream, and 10Mb/s upstream. With premium option the caps are 80Mb/s down and 20Mb/s up. Premium also provides high priority within the BT back-haul network.
Care£12.00 pcmEnhanced care is available, providing higher priority repair service.

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