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BT FTTP broadband service

BT are finally installing Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) services in limited areas. This is very limited availability, so check the availability checker first.

FTTP means a glass fibre to your premises, not just the nearest cabinet, and means higher reliability and speed than any normal broadband service.


You can upgrade your ADSL line to FTTP if it is available on your line. The upgrade cost is the same as a new install. See the Regrade page for help with upgrading your line.


Unlike VDSL, this service does not have different speeds for different lines or locations, and we offer a service that is 80Mb/s downlink and 20Mb/s uplink. It is also important to realise that, regardless of the fibre speed of your service, the rate of a file transfer or speed test will also depend on many other factors, many of which are out of our control. Our aim is not to be the bottleneck and so provide a quality service at all times of day.

Usage tariffs

We offer a range of tariffs, including packages for home users (Home::1) which allow usage from 200GB per month. You can change tariff any time you want at no cost, taking effect from your next billing month. If you do not use all of your quota in a billing month, half of the unused about is added to the next month as a quota bonus.

Note that there is an option of FTTP on demand shown on availability checkers. This is a service which we are not selling because of the unreasonable costs and terms. We can, however, provide bonded FTTC lines as an alternative for customers wanting the higher speeds offered.


Note that FTTP works differently to typical ADSL broadband and includes a BT active NTE talks PPPoE. You will need PPPoE equipment or software to use the service. A PPPoE router can be used. The PPPoE service name must be left blank.

The service supports RFC4638 with baby jumbo frames to support 1,500 byte MTU, but if your equipment cannot handle this then 1,492 MTU will be the highest you can use.

At present we recommend you retain an analogue line for voice telephony if you need to. This is not a requirement. We can provide VoIP telephony services to use via your broadband link.

Note: This service has a minimum term. If you cease or migrate within the minimum term then an early termination fee applies.

Old units tariff

Customer using our older units tariffs have the following pricing and options.


Installation£100.00Normal install price of new service and changing from existing non-FTTP service.
Monthly (line only)£22.20 pcmMonthly cost for (broadband) line only, applicable when this is an extra line on the same site.
Monthly (2 units)£30.00 pcmMonthly cost with the minimum 2 units per month of usage allowance.
Daytime usageGB/unitDaytime period (9am-6pm Mon-Fri except hols) usage is GB/unit.
Evening/weekend/holiday is 50GB/unit
LimitedAvailable at specific test exchanges and areas only.
TechnologyFibre/EthernetFibre allows very high speeds. Standard 40Mb/s down, 10Mb/s up with an option for 80Mb/s down and 20Mbs/ up. This is not related to the length of the line.
Migration£100.00Normal migration price.


Premium£12.00 pcmPremium option provides increased speed (80M+20M).
Care£12.00 pcmEnhanced care is available, providing higher priority repair service.
ModemFREEIncludes PPPoE NTE as part of the ongoing service. Customers will need a PPPoE capable router or software to use the service.