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Broadband enhanced care

Enhanced care is an option on our broadband service that use BT back-haul. It provides a faster response to line faults within BT. It costs £12.00 pcm.

If there is a line fault we have to get BT to fix it. Whilst they are generally quite good, this can take some time. They aim to fix most faults within 40 hours. Many they do, but some take longer.

The enhanced care option flags your service as a priority within their service centres. They aim to fix enhanced care faults within 20 hours.

You can report faults to us during office hours, but we will often pursue faults outside office hours. Where possible, we use automated checking systems to send faults back to BT 24 hours a day if they are not yet fixed.

If a faulty line is likely to cause a major issue for your business then enhanced care may help fix the fault more quickly. It is also worth considering an Extra line as the chances of two lines having a line fault at the same time is greatly reduced.

How to order

When your order broadband service you are asked if you would like enhanced care service on the line or not. You can add enhanced care to an existing line or remove it later if you wish using the order pages. Removing enhanced care cost £10.00.

Note: Enhanced care does not offer a guaranteed fault repair time and there is no compensation for failure to fix a fault within 20 hours of reporting. We will always use reasonable skill and care to rectify any faults promptly.