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Ethernet upgrading services

One of the nice features of the Ethernet services is that it can be upgraded. The fact that the link itself can be much higher than the service means the service can be changed quickly. e.g. If you have 100Mb/s link and 10Mb/s internet access you can change to 20Mb/s internet access if you like.

IP addresses, etc

We are happy to change IP addressing, add IP address blocks, or change service configuration whenever you require. This does take support staff time and so we ask you to be reasonable and not expect to change settings every day. There is no charge for support work such as this.

Link speed

The dedicated fibre link itself is provided at a speed such as 100Mb/s, 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s and cannot easily be upgraded, so when ordering, if you think you may need more then please do ask for a quote for the higher link speed. Often it is not as much as you might think (e.g. a 1Gb/s link is not anywhere near 10 times the cost of a 100Mb/s link). In the case of FTTC there are options for 40/10 or 80/20 links. In the case of FTTP there are options of 100Mb/s or 330Mb/s link speeds.

Service speed

The service is either an inter-site service or an internet access service and has a speed. We can do less than 10Mb/s but it is not a lot cheaper so customers would normally start at 10Mb/s. However you can upgrade to speeds of 20Mb/s, 30Mb/s, 40Mb/s, 40Mb/s, 50Mb/s, 60Mb/s, 70Mb/s, 80Mb/s, 90Mb/s, 100Mb/s, 200Mb/s, 300Mb/s, 400Mb/s, 500Mb/s or 1Gb/s, up to the link speed. You can change speed whenever you like for a small fee, but cannot downgrade within one month of the last upgrade due to the minimum term on the Etherflow.

Normally service speed can be upgraded within 5 working days, although there are longer lead times such as 33 working days in some cases for larger upgrades where we have to provide additional capacity at our end.

Minimum term

The Etherway part of the service (link to premises) has a 12 month minimum term. The Etherflow part of the service (bandwidth) has a 1 month minimum term (since last change of speed).

Extra services

You can also add extra service connections, e.g. another site-to-site link, or another independent internet link, if you require. Pick the speed you require and we will allocate this to a separate VLAN on your link. There is a charge to add an extra service (same as the upgrade fee for the same amount extra), but this is on a one month minimum term. If you need extra capacity for a short period this may be better than increasing the initial service you have.

Moving service

The link itself cannot be moved, and so has the minimum term applicable. The Etherflow can be terminated with one month notice, and we can re-assign IP addresses between links as needed, so it is relatively easy to move a service once you have the Etherway link installed.