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Knowledge base Firefox

There are many browsers that can be used to access web pages. The main two are IE and Firefox (based on Mozilla and Netscape). They both have their good and bad points. Some web pages are designed specifically to work only on IE. However, any well designed web page that is designed to follow the standards will be fine on pretty much any browser.

We use and recommend Firefox. You can install Firefox on almost any platform. It is free, and it has loads of add on features.

Installing Firefox

It is easy to install Firefox on Windows, Linux or Mac. Linux machines usually have Firefox already installed or available from a package installer menu. On Windows and Mac just go to the Mozilla web site.

Internet relay chat

Internet relay chat (irc) provides a simple on-line chat system. There is a channel used by our customers which can be very useful for help and advice, and for contacting support staff out of normal hours. There is an irc plug-in for Firefox which makes irc very easy to use.

Using irc