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Knowledge base Wireless Broadband

Some adverts refer to wireless broadband services, and we know that some people are confused by the term.

There are, in some cases, Internet Service Providers that provide their service, commonly (and sometimes inaccurately) called broadband via wireless technology. They usually need some sort of antennae on your property. However, rather confusingly, some ISPs also sell wireless broadband when what they mean is some sort of conventional Internet service combined with a router and wireless access point.

Choice of equipment on your broadband line

At the end of the day the provision of the broadband service is generally separate from the equipment you choose to use with the service. Whilst many ISPs, including us, offer packages with pre-configured equipment, you can choose from a range of devices.


For ADSL, VDSL (FTTC) and even Fibre (FTTP) you needs some sort of modem (or fibre termination NTE for fibre). This provides the means to actually communicate on the wire or fibre.


In order to allow you to logically connect to an Internet service over the broadband line you need some sort of router. For ADSL it is common for the router to have a built in ADSL modem so a single box works as a modem/router. For FTTC and FTTP it is common for the modem or NTE to be separate and work with a PPPoE router connecting between the modem and router using an Ethernet cable.


You may need a firewall to filter packets from the Internet. This is usually included in a router, but can be a separate device if you wish.


It is common for a router to include a small network (Ethernet) switch providing 4 or more ports. But you can use a separate switch or multiple switches so can connect an entire office of hundreds of computers if you want.


Finally, you may want wifi access allowing wireless device to connect to your network and hence via your firewall/router/modem on to the Internet.

Complete package

It is possible to get all of this in one small box, a modem, router, firewall, switch and wifi. This is what is usually sold along with a service as a complete wireless Internet package. But don't be fooled in to thinking you need to buy a service/package based on the specific equipment offered.

In particular, if you like the features of specific service providers and specific equipment you can mix and match.

As AAISP you can buy just the broadband, or a simple PPPoE modem, or a modem/router, or a modem/router/firewall/wifi as a package. We have a range of devices to go with our services. In some cases there is a complete package such as Home::1 or Office::1 to make matters simpler, but if you need something special, talk to us.

Smart Dual Band

One ISP has advertised that they are the only ISP providing a wireless broadband using something called smart dual band. This seems to be a term used by some wifi access point manufacturers. For the avoidance of doubt, our broadband services will happily work with any standard WiFi access point, including those sold as smart dual band. We're even happy to source a suitable hub for you and provide as a package with the broadband service - we won't be the only ISP offering smart dual band, but neither will other ISPs offering this.