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Knowledge base DDI setup

In some number ranges (e.g. 033) we offer DDI (direct dial in) blocks. These are blocks of 10, 100, 1000 or even 10000 numbers routed to one destination. You could have several blocks.

To manage the blocks each block has a base number in our control pages e.g. 01234567890 for a block of 10, or 01234567800 for a block of 100. This allows you to control where the numbers are sent (e.g. SIP to your server, registered SIP phone). Incoming calls to any of the numbers is delivered as per this setting.

To make outgoing calls you can use a SIP authenticated login using the base number as the login, and the password you set. This is just the same as using single numbers. One difference is that you can set the CLI (calling number) to any of the numbers in the block. If you set the CLI to one of the numbers then that is what is used. If you do not set the CLI or set an invalid one then the base number is used. If you have a presentation number then this is used instead when you do not set a CLI. This means you can choose to use any of your numbers, or a presentation number if you have one, on a per call basis from your own phone system.

The individual numbers within the block have their own management and billing as normal. This can be useful where most numbers are handled by your phone systems but you need some specific exceptions handled differently.