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Knowledge base VoIP setup

    General Information

    We have, in the past, run two VoIP platforms. One is a legacy platform (the 'A' server) using asterisk and is used for IAX and SIP with NAT. The other (the 'C' server) is a linux based call server using SIP only.

    We are gradually moving to a new platform using FireBrick based SIP call servers. The new platform is more scalable, and already has multiple servers in place. We will be dropping IAX support totally, and our new SIP call server supports SIP and handles some SIP with NAT. It also handles IPv6 SIP. Details of the new call server, which you can try now, are here.

    Calling the non emergency police number (101) and the NHS (111) are only officially supported from the new servers.

    See the A&A wiki for Configuration notes for specific phones

    We have more information about this subject on our Wiki

    Firewall Settings

    Please See the wiki for our Firewalling suggestions.

      SIP settings

      For our main call server platform, see the details here.

      There is more help on our wiki

      Control pages

      Our control pages allow a number of options for each number.

      ACRAnonymous call reject - callers hiding their number are rejected with a suitable message.
      RecordDefines if you want calls recorded or not. Set the Email address first. The recordings are sent to the specified email. You can also select if you want calls encoded as MP3 or OGG format.
      WarnThis is an experimental feature which will give a warning when the call is connected advising the call is being recorded.
      VMDefines the voicemail settings.
      FailA number to divert the call to if the call fails for some reason (e.g. destination is not reachable). This must be a normal phone number, no spaces.
      Also ringUp to 10 numbers that are also rang when the call is received. Normal phone numbers, no spaces. If you prefix * that delays ringing. Prefix ** delays more. Prefix ! to delay ring all but one of those prefixed ! (randomly).
      Incoming callsYou can define profiles for times of day and day of week and select one of these for incoming calls. You can also pick a number to divert to outside these hours.

      In addition to these you can set your email address, and email for incoming SMS (where available), the password for SIP login, and how you would like the call delivered. The usual option is simply a SIP phone, but you can have a call delivered to your phone system using IAX, SIP, or H323. You can also force the call to voicemail.