Full terms (goods)

This document describes the terms which cover the purchase of goods by you from us. If buying goods and services at the same time then each is a separate contract. It is in addition to our general terms. Delivery terms relate to any delivery or shipping from us, whether the goods are purchased from us or not.


Normally, delivery is by our choice of courier. If you prefer, you can arrange for collection during office hours using your courier. For small items we normally use Royal Mail, and for larger items we will typically use a local courier.

If you need delivery by a particular time or method, then we will attempt to meet that requirement. We do not accept responsibility for delays caused by the courier; for delays because the address provided by you is incorrect; because nobody is available to sign for a delivery; because your order is too late in the day to be shipped that day; or any other reason outside our control. We will use our best endeavours to meet a specific delivery requirement, but time is not of the essence. We limit our liability for any delay to the charge we have made for the carriage even if the delay was our mistake.

If you are a business then carriage is entirely at your risk. This means it is your loss if the goods are damaged or lost on the way. You can pay for insurance to cover that risk if you wish. Please make this clear when ordering and we will charge for any additional insurance cover requested.

You must inspect goods and notify us of any discrepancy or damage within 24 hours of receipt.

All goods are subject to availability.


The title in all goods supplied remains with us until fully paid. This means we own the goods until you have paid us in full.

If the payment is not honoured (e.g. bounced cheque) or otherwise cancelled or reversed at any time then we do not consider the payment to have been made and the goods continue to be our property until good payment is made.

While the goods belong to us you must look after them and retain any packaging. While we own the goods, once payment becomes over due, you grant us (or our agents) the right to enter your premises and reclaim the goods at any reasonable time. If you sell or transfer the goods you must include terms which make it clear that the prospective new owner does not gain ownership (title) until you have paid us and that they must also look after the goods and allow access to reclaim the goods in the same way and have the same conditions on anyone to which they sell or transfer the goods.


We try to ensure descriptions we provide are accurate and clear, but manufactures are constantly making improvements or cosmetic changes. We also describe the purpose for which goods are sold. If you want to use the goods for some other purpose, you must satisfy yourself in advance that the goods will meet that purpose.

There are a number of reasons why goods we have supplied may be unsatisfactory. If goods do not meet the description in some significant way that is to your detriment, or the goods are clearly not fit for the purpose we have described, of if the goods have arrived damaged or faulty (other than due to damage in transit if you are a business) then we will accept their return for a refund of the price paid for the items affected, providing you notify us within 7 days of receipt.

If you are a consumer, you also have a right to cancel and return goods within a short period of time. See your rights.

You must look after the goods before returning them, and ensure they are returned in the condition your received them, with packaging.

Also, if you are a consumer and within 6 months of supply you find a fault that was present when the goods were supplied, then we will consider that to be a fault on the date they were supplied, unless we can show that was not the case. In such cases we will accept return for a refund of the price paid for the items affected.

If goods develop a fault within one year, then we will offer a repair or replacement at our choice, but it is your responsibility to return faulty goods to us for repair. Some goods include a manufacturers warranty, and where this would be at least as convenient for you to make use of, we ask you to make use of such a facility rather than returning goods to us for repair. We do not offer a replacement during repair of faulty goods unless you have separately arranged an on-going maintenance contract which provides this. As such you have a choice of levels of service in the event of a fault with goods supplied.

To clarify, with the exception of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, the full extent of liability that we have to you as a result of any fault in goods we have supplied is for us to repair or replace the goods or, in some cases, a full refund of the price paid for the goods.

Return of goods is at your expense. If you wish us to collect the goods, we will arrange this and charge you at cost for doing so. The exception to this is if if the goods are returned under the right to reject under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Network devices

We sell, and sometimes provide alongside a service, a range of networking devices, including FireBricks. These all have different degrees of configurability, and it is your responsibility to configure them in a manner appropriate to your needs. In particular, you must check that any firewall is configured appropriately for your needs.

We try hard to be helpful, and sometimes we will provide a default configuration on devices (e.g. Firebricks, and other routers) which we provide to you. We cannot, and do not, guarantee that this configuration is suitable for your needs: you are responsible for ensuring that it does what you require.

Free goods

In some cases we supply goods free of charge, or supply goods that we continue to own and only rent to you as part of a package, or loan you whilst you buy a service from us.

If goods are free, or just rented to you, then we are not selling you the goods. Where we are not selling goods, the Sale of Goods and Service Act does not apply and neither do the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

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