Summary of terms

  • Internet Service: We provide a service to connect you to the Internet. It is up to you to pick the right service for you, and some services have usage limits. We don't guarantee any install date, or that we can provide services at all. The internet is big and complicated and we do not control it. The internet has many good and useful things in it, but it also has bad things, so do not blame us for anything you find. It is up to you to protect your network. You must take responsibility for what you do with the service, and for anyone you let use the service. The internet has rules, so play fair. Things can break! If they do, we will try and fix things as quickly as we can. It can take days to fix some problems. We allocate you internet addresses, but they do not belong to you, and we can change them if we need to. We publish full contact details in public databases for internet addresses and domains unless you tell us otherwise.
  • Changing your mind: Consumers have a right to change their mind. Please read your consumer rights for more details. Within a certain period a consumer can return goods ordered, or cancel an order for services.
  • Mistakes: If we do something wrong and it stops your service working, the most we will compensate you is the money you paid for each specific service while that service was not working properly. If new goods we have supplied break within one year, you can send them back to us and we will arrange for them to be repaired or replaced in a reasonable time. You have to understand that things can break or not go to plan. It is up to you to take whatever precautions you need. This does not affect your statutory rights. Whilst we will try and provide services with all reasonable skill and care, you agree that providing customer service is not part of the contract. You agree that these limits apply even if you take a case to alternative dispute resolution and so you will not accept any award in excess of these limits.
  • Paying us: You must pay us for the goods and services we provide. We email invoices to you. We do not post invoices. You must tell us if your email address changes. Sometimes we will agree credit terms, and each invoice tells you when payment must arrive. It is up to you to make sure we receive the payment in time. If not, then there are penalties, and we may stop or restrict your service. We will give you instructions on how to pay. If you get your payment wrong, or claw back a payment, we may charge an administration fee. If we make a mistake taking a payment, we will compensate you for bank charges and interest up to the same amount as our administration fee. If we have sold you something, it still belongs to us until you have fully paid for it.
  • Ongoing service: For services, we normally charge you in advance. The price is fixed for the whole of the time covered by the invoice. For most services, you can stop them whenever you like. If you stop your service, you still have to pay for the invoices we have issued or the notice period, early termination charges or cease charges that apply. If you don't tell us you want to stop a service, or can't prove you told us, we will keep providing it and you have to pay us.
  • Full terms: Our full contract terms are on our web site and you should check this. We can change the terms. We put the new terms on our web site if we do.

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