We can provide numbers in all UK area codes

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We have a wide range of UK telephone numbers available, including local numbers in every area code, special numbers (e.g. free phone, or local rate), UK wide (03 & 055) numbers, and even mobile numbers.

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We classify numbers tin/bronze, silver and gold. This depends on how nice the number is. Most numbers are tin or bronze, and have our normal low cost for them to be active or reserved. Silver numbers cost a little more, and gold numbers even more. When you pick a number you can say if you want to only consider tin/bronze or also see silver and gold numbers.

Some numbers are classified as platinum (e.g. 222222 or 654321) or even taxi which cost a lot more. Contact sales for these.

We can provide 0800 numbers that are free for people to call you on.

You will then have a charge for any incoming calls to that number. The cost can depend on whether the call is from a landline, mobile, or payphone..

Some times you don't want to use the number right away. This is usually for companies that want to have some numbers for staff phones, but want to reserve a larger block so they can activate more numbers later as they need. This keeps all of the numbers together in a block. You can reserve numbers when ordering blocks of 10 or more, and then activate individual numbers as an when. There is a smaller on-going monthly charge for reserved numbers.

You can only reserve our "tin/bronze" numbers. Silver and gold numbers cannot be reserved. If you want to reserve a block of numbers that contains a silver or gold number you will have to activate that number whilst reserving the rest. When activating a number there is no refund of the reservation fee which is charged in advance to the end of your billing period.

When picking a number you have a lot of choice

  • First, you tell us what area code you want the number to be in. If your choice is not clear we offer a list of areas. You can also pick more than one area to pick sets of similar numbers in several areas at once.
  • You tell us if you want to consider only bronze, or silver and gold as well.
  • You can pick single numbers or a pair of numbers, and can even say a sequence of up to 3 digits that you want to appear in the numbers
  • You can ask to reserve a block of 10, 20, 50 or 100 numbers in an area. Again, you say if you want to consider silver or gold numbers being in the block or not. If the block has silver or gold numbers these are activated immediately. The rest of the block remains reserved and you can activate as and when you need via our control pages.
  • You can even ask for a pair of adjacent numbers if you wish.

Prices for Numbers

Here are the cost for phone numbers:

Reserved (tin/bronze) number
Tin/Bronze number
Silver number
Gold number
Platinum number
Taxi number

Charges for numbers are made in advance for a whole billing period (depends on your chosen billing cycle) and not refunded if numbers are ceased during the period already billed.

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phone 03333 400222
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sms 01344 400222

Contact Support

email support@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400999
(Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,
Sat 10am-2pm)
sms 01344 400999