Broadband router

We offer a free router on our broadband services when you sign up with a 12 months term. We offer a discounted basic router when you choose 1 month or 6 month terms. Our customers are welcome to use their own equipment.

Our Office::1 package comes complete with modems and a FireBrick FB2900 router.

Home::1 and SoHo::1 router overview

ZyXEL VMG 1312-B10D

Zyxel vmg1312 b10d

ZyXEL VMG 3925-B10B

Zyxel vmg3925 b10b


Basic router, ideal as a bridge to your own ethernet router or for a small home.

  • 4x 100M network ports
  • Single-Band WiFi: 2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
  • Suitable for ADSL and VDSL or as a bridge to your own ethernet router
  • More info on ZyXEL's website

Better WiFi and faster ethernet ports which makes this router better for FTTP and busier homes or small offices.


  • Usual price: £60.00
  • Available £25.00 for when you order Home::1 broadband with a 1 or 6 month term
  • Available £25.00 +VAT for when you order SoHo::1 broadband with a 1 or 6 month term
  • Usual price: £75.00 +VAT
  • Available for 0p when you order broadband with a 12 month term.

FireBrick FB2900

FB2900 with cables

Our FireBrick FB2900 comes as standard with our Office::1 service but is also available to anyone who wants to fully-featured ethernet router.

  • Ideal for ADSL, VDSL, FTTP, leased lines (modems required for DSL services)
  • Bond multiple lines for greater resilience and throughput
  • Built in SIP PBX
  • IPSec VPN
  • Traffic shaping
  • And more

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