Bring your numbers on to A&A's VoIP platform

Number porting

Number porting is the process of moving your existing telephone number(s) held with another company on to our platform. You can save costs and benefit from the features and flexibility of VoIP whilst keeping the number that everyone already knows.

Mobile Numbers

Port your 07 mobile number and benefit from the flexibility of our features that are not found with the main-stream providers.

Broadband Landline

You can port the number you use for your A&A broadband service without disruption to your internet connection. Perfect for domestic customers who want to keep their number but have the benefits of VoIP.

Single & blocks

Convert your ageing ISDN or analogue telephone system over to VoIP and save costs. We're able to port most numbers over to our VoIP platform including single and blocks of numbers

Key Features


Bills all in one place

  • The invoice you get from us will include details regarding the copper pair and the broadband
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Competitive Call Charges

  • We charge by the second, you can use the form below to look up what it costs to call UK and worldwide destinations.
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More Features

  • You'll be able to take advantage of our standard VoIP features such as voicemail, call recordings, Calling Line Identification and so on at no extra cost.
  • There is more on our VoIP page.
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Low standing charges

  • Monthly number rental, from £1.20 per number

Call pricing lookup

Lookup the cost of a call, eg 01344 (for Bracknell) or +001212 (or New York)

Frequently Asked Questions

Porting a number in to our VoIP service can vary depending on where the number is coming from:

  • A standard port (eg from ISDN) is 5-7 working days, subject to confirmation from our porting agent.
  • 07, mobile numbers usually take 1 working day subject to confirmation, it usually happens the same day.
  • Porting a number from a PSTN line that is with us in use for broadband takes 1 working day. (The PSTN will be re-numbered.)
  • Moving a PSTN line to us (for use with broadband) and then porting the number takes 10 days (for the PSTN move) then 1 further day for the port.

Your existing number will be moved on to our VoIP platform. You will then need a VoIP phone, you can purchase one from us if you like. In simple terms you will then have a username and password and our VoIP server address

A good way to manage this is to get something like the Gigaset DECT phone base and handset as this can work on VoIP but still connect to the phone line to allow incoming calls on the line until the process is complete. You should remember to program it to send any 999 calls to VoIP though, and ensure you have set the 999 address details on our control pages.

You can find out more on our VoIP Features page.

Calls to 999/112 will work on the VoIP service but not on the Copper Pair.

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If you have recently ceased a number with another service provider then it is usually still possible to port the number, as long as it is within one month of being ceased.

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