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Legal Information

Here you'll find our main terms and conditions. You can view the history of the documents by clicking the 📆 calendar icon.

General Terms
📆 These are our general terms that apply to all services and equipment we supply.

📆 This schedule applies to all services, including the rental or loan of equipment.

📆 This schedule applies to our connectivity services, including our Internet / broadband, ethernet, mobile data, and L2TP services.

Domain Registration
📆 This schedule applies to our domain name registration services.

Email hosting
📆 This schedule applies to our email hosting services.

Equipment sales rental loan and supply
📆 This schedule applies if we supply equipment, whether rented, loaned, ordered or purchased from us or not.

SIMs and mobile
📆 This schedule applies in full to our SIMs which enable you to connect them to a voice service of your choice.

📆 This schedule applies to telephony services such as VoIP, phone numbers etc.

Web hosting
📆 This schedule applies to our web hosting services.

📆 This schedule applies to our server colocation services.

All calls and emails are recorded. All telephone numbers are listed in the TPS and FPS and unsolicited marketing calls and emails are specifically prohibited. Email sent to any company email address may end up transmitted to an individual subscriber (e.g. the director's personal mailbox) and as such is subject to section 22 of The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

Specifically, the company director contracts as an individual for the internet access and services used for delivery of all @aa.net.uk email to ensure there is no doubt that such email is being delivered to an "individual subscriber" under the PECR, and the director is prepared to sue people that send unsolicited marketing emails as per section 30 of those regulations. So don't even think about spamming us unless you want to find yourself in county court trying to defend a claim.

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Contact Support

email support@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400999
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