VoIP and Mobile

Main telecom prices

This page outlines the install, monthly ongoing and call costs for our telecom services.

Call costs

Our call prices are based on the number you have called and the time of day and the length of the call. The prices are listed here. We send you a fully itemised bill showing how much each call costs. Costs are timed to the second and worked out to a fraction of a penny with the final total being rounded to the nearest 1p on your bill.

Peak time
8am to 6pm Monday to Friday
Off peak
Other times Monday to Friday
Saturday and Sunday all day

Lookup the cost of a call, eg 01344 (for Bracknell) or +1212 (or New York):

Normally customers cannot call any number which is one-off or per minute peak rate of more than 20p+VAT (2p+VAT for international calls), but this can be increased if required, just ask sales.

If a call can be connected directly to one of our customers then there is no charge for the call. However, you cannot tell if a call will be able to be sent directly, as our customers can change call routing whenever they like, so you should always assume the normal call charge applies as listed below. Consider the free calls as a bonus.

We do not route calls to most personal numbers (070) or premium rate numbers (09).

Many countries have higher rates for calling mobiles.

Number costs

To use our VoIP service you need a number - there are various types of number you can have. Prices for a single UK landline number start from £1.20.

Type of Number
Setup cost
Mobile (07)

You can also reserve multiples of blocks of 10 numbers or more. You can activate these, one number at a time, as and when you wish. This allows you to get a block of numbers for an office, and activate them as needed. (Note: Only normal tin/bronze numbers can be reserved - silver, gold, ported or other numbers are activated and charged their normal price, even if part of a block of numbers you are ordering)

SIM Card Costs

We have a few different types of SIM cards, these have a setup and ongoing costs, as well as the calls/sms/data that you may use with it.

Setup cost
Voice SIM
Data SIM
Plus data used, SMS and calls

Porting Costs

Costs for porting numbers in to our VoIP platform. Learn more

Single landline number
per number request from another telco to us
Multiple landline numbers (5+)
Blocks of 5 or more are charged at the cost of porting 5 numbers
Mobile number
Broadband number export
Porting a BT number on a PSTN line and renumbering to allow broadband to continue
Failed port
Where a port fails due to incorrect data provided by the customer

If you are spending less than £20/month with us we will expect you to pay by Direct Debit. This is also the most sensible method for paying a call bill which can vary from month to month.

Contact Sales

email sales@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400222
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
sms 01344 400222

Contact Support

email support@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400999
(Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,
Sat 10am-2pm)
sms 01344 400999