Send & Receive text messages on certain numbers

Text messaging

We have a few ways in which customers and send and receive text messages. There are some limitations as not all numbers are able to receive numbers, however, all our numbers can be used to send text messages and our SIP2SIM service as APIs to send and receive text messages too.


Some of our numbers are able to receive text messages, in these cases we can email you the message or we can post it to one of your own web scripts (API)


With any of our VoIP numbers are you able to use it to send text messages. This can be done using our web form or our API.

SIP2SIM & Texts

With our SIP2SIM service, messages can be sent to and from the mobile device.

Texting us!

You are able to send us text message! - this can be useful to contact staff when you are unable to call, email etc. Send a text to: 01344 400999

Send a text message from your VoIP account

Your VoIP number, no spaces
Your VoIP outgoing password
Where to send text to, no spaces

* Required field.

(There are costs involved in sending text messages)

Additional options

One of your block of numbers or presentation numbers, or if allowed - an alpha tag
Tag to including in XML billing data
Hexadecimal User Data Header
Delivery report URL or email address (not always available)

Knowledge Base

Contact Sales

phone 03333 400222
(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
sms 01344 400222

Contact Support

phone 03333 400999
(Mon-Fri 8am-6pm,
Sat 10am-2pm)
sms 01344 400999