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Our Ethernet services provide high speed, high reliability, links to the internet and between sites with a coverage of approximately 90% of UK business addresses. Typically customers will buy 10Mb/s symmetric (both ways at once) connected via 100Mb/s fibre to allow quick upgrade to faster speeds when needed. Because we use real fibre-optic links, we are able to offer speeds of up to 10Gb/s if required.

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Key Features/Options

Fibre Connector

Real fibre

Real fibre, actually to your premises not just the nearest street cabinet. Start with 10Mb/s and add more bandwidth as you need quickly and easily.

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Really unlimited

Real unlimited use, no fair usage policy or usage charges or usage caps or peak rate slow downs. Predictable costs whatever happens.

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Site to site

We can also provide site to site access. This means two sites that have the service are connected together at a speed of your choice.

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Internet access

The most common service we offer is internet access, typically starting at 10Mb/s symmetric (both ways at once). This provides a high reliability internet connection.

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Burstable service

We can also offer a burstable service. This guarantees an un-contended, all you can eat, throughput as above, but allows you to burst traffic to five times that rate. The additional capacity is shared with other users on our transit and over the BT core.

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Our Office::1 product provides an alternative high availability Internet access using multiple DSL lines and even 3G backup.

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