A real Internet connection

We provide a real Internet connection with our Internet/broadband/mobile services, such that IP packets from you actually get to their intended targets, and IP packets intended to get to you actually do get to you.

End to end connectivity, as the Internet was designed to be.

Why are we against censorship?

We feel strongly that how you communicate should be kept separate from what you communicate, allowing the free technical development that has created the communications networks we enjoy. This is a view supported by EU rules on mere conduit which clearly separate the technical issues from moral and legal implications of what happens to be communicated. Without such a framework we would not have the Internet at all.

We feel strongly that free speech is an essential tool to help ensure a fair and open government. Censorship of any sort is the thin end of the wedge and must not be taken lightly. Once started, censorship is very easy to extend one step at a time until, perhaps, wrong thinking is banned.

Filtering rarely, if ever, achieves its stated goals - blocking web sites does not stop people communicating, and rarely even stops access to the actual web sites themselves. Most filtering creates a false sense of security, adds technical complexity, and causes problems with over blocking. In many cases it is not true that "something is better than nothing".

There are repeated proposals to legislate to filter Internet content. We only offer services to customers 18 years of age and over, or Companies. We already ask all customers to confirm they want unfiltered Internet access, and have done so for many years. We also offer some advice to parents wanting to stop accidental access to unsavoury content. This is fully in line with the proposed legislation, yet Baroness Howe saw fit to mention us in The House of Lords in 2014, and again in 2015, and omit these points.

The government wants us to offer filtering as an option, so we offer an active choice when you sign up, you choose one of two options:-

  • Unfiltered Internet access - no filtering of any content within the A&A network - you are responsible for any filtering in your own network, or
  • Censored Internet access - restricted access to unpublished government mandated filter list (plus Daily Mail web site) - but still cannot guarantee kids don't access porn.

If you choose censored you are advised that for a censored internet you will have to pick a different ISP as all of our services are all unfiltered.

What people say about us

We have many reviews on various websites, here are a couple:


Excellent service

"...I can not commend them enough for the excellent service I have received during the whole process from order to activation. Nothing has been too much trouble for them...." JohnData, July 2016

Read the full review at ispreview.co.uk


Honest, responsive, efficient, fast

"...So the problem plaguing me for 3 months with my previous ISP, after endless back-and-forth copy-and-paste stock-response support ticket 6u1l5h!t, was completely fixed within 6 days by AAISP after mentioning it ONCE to them when I signed up, with no fuss, like it was nothing. Amazing..." DJM7TM, July 2016

Read the full review at ispreview.co.uk


As a company we have strong views on doing the right thing - we support Open Rights Group. See our director's blog at www.me.uk for more views on this topic.

When you signed up for our service you specifically ask for an uncensored and unfiltered internet access. We have no plans to add adult content filters. You are, of course, welcome to run your own filtering on your network and have parental controls configured on PCs on your network. If you have children for which you allow unsupervised Internet access (is that wise) then we would encourage you look in to such parental control systems.

Press: For comments from our director, or interviews, please email our press office

Further Information

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Many of us at A&A have children and we understand that parents have concerns over what their children may find on the Internet. It is important to consider the best way to tackle this at home, just like any of the other risks that face children as they grow up.

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It is an important part of the design principles of internet protocol (IP) that every endpoint has a unique globally routable address.

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Limits and MTU

It is worth bearing in mind that even a real internet connection has limits. There are limits on the rate of your line because of the DSL sync speed.

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Data logging

We do not log which websites you visit (though the website administrator may). We don't run any sort of transparent proxies or other systems to covertly log what you do on the internet, and do not sell data to anyone. We have no, so called, black boxes which monitor traffic for the government, or anyone else.

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Black boxes

We have no so called black boxes to covertly monitor traffic and/or pass traffic monitoring to the authorities or anyone else.

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Not wishing to be logged

Some people are concerned that they could have traffic monitored within the BT links perhaps. We are not aware of any such monitoring but would not necessarily be told.

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