Telephony services for home & business

VoIP & Mobile

We have developed a proven, mature set of VoIP and mobile offerings; usable either as complete services in their own right or as components for incorporation into your own projects, that you can supply as complete solutions to your customers.

Services available


  • Telephone numbers in all UK area codes or port in your existing number or number blocks..
  • Order on-line and be receiving and making calls in a matter of minutes.
  • SIP trunks, call recording, hunt groups and other features as standard.
  • No minimum term.
  • Peak time UK landline calls from 1.5p/min & UK mobile from 4p/min.
  • 07 Mobile numbers with eSIM, issued immediately.
  • Range of VoIP equipment, including DECT, or use your own.

The service gives a lot of flexibility to use telephones the way you want to.

Data SIMs

  • Fixed IPv4 address or L2TP handover.
  • No content filtering.
  • Ideal for telemetry, POS, remote signage, IoT, or environmental monitoring, or simply as a backup to fixed line services.
  • 1.75p +VAT per MB upload/download
  • 3G and 4G LTE

This is a specialised business module data service.


Sole trader?

  • Need a separate work number?
  • Second number on your mobile phone (dual SIM/eSIM)?
  • Landline number on mobile phone?

Corporate phone system?

  • Want mobiles to work just like a normal office phone extension?
  • Need call recording?

The service allows a real mobile phone service, no app needed, using 4G/5G to connect to a SIP/VoIP server, or to our VoIP service (landline and mobile numbers).

Some of our numbers support text messaging (SMS), for more information please see our Text messaging page.

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