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A&A is not like other broadband providers. Our staff are experts based in the UK and do not follow support scripts. We don't overload our network, so there is no "evening slowdown". In short, we are not mass market and we do not aim to be. If you feel you've been badly treated by another ISP, and want something better, you've come to the right place.

A&A Broadband Packages


  • Specifically aimed at home users
  • Starts with ADSL and 1TB/month download for £25.00 (plus optional £10.00 for copper pair)
  • Faster VDSL, G.FAST and FTTP/CityFibre services up to 1Gb/s where coverage is available
  • Ideal for any family, whether you are into games or just Facebook and streaming.
  • Fixed IPv4 addresses
  • Like all of our services Home::1 includes IPv6 and uncensored Internet as standard.


  • Aimed at small business users.
  • Starts with ADSL and 2TB/month download for £25.00 +VAT (plus optional £10.00 +VAT for copper pair)
  • Faster VDSL, G.FAST and FTTP services up to 1Gb/s where coverage is available
  • Includes an option to use our VIP line monitoring, alerting staff if your line goes down
  • Additional IPv4 address blocks as needed.


  • Our business package - all you need to get connected.
  • Includes two separate broadband services, copper pairs, modems, and a FireBrick FB2900 firewall/router as part of the package.
  • Bonded lines as default
  • Options for 3G/4G fallback. Getting your office connected reliably could not be simpler.
  • A complete package to give you peace of mind for your business communications.

Stand-out features

Here are some of the key features of all our broadband packages.


Real IP addresses

All packages have IPv4 and IPv6 as standard, no extra costs.

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UK-based support team

Support is on hand. Our UK-based support team are here to help you, either by telephone, email, sms, livechat, irc etc. (We don't really wear bow ties!)


Constant Quality Monitoring

We monitor every line every second.

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We'll fix your line

Give us a month and we'll sort your problem broadband line or your money back

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The four main types of broadband are ADSL, VDSL, G.Fast and FTTP. The ADSL service uses a modem link all of the way back to the telephone exchange - this will have a lower speed for the modem sync (0-21Mb/s) depending on the line. VDSL uses a modem link only back to the main street cabinet, and so this is normally a much better service with a higher speed (0-80Mb/s) depending on the line. We also offer G.Fast, which is a variant of VDSL but can give higher speeds on short lines (0-160Mb/s). FTTP (Fibre to the premises) is where your property has fibre installed right in to your property, and we offer services with speeds up to 1Gb/s. Which services are available depends on your location. For an estimate of the speed for your location and which services are available to you, please use the availability checker.

Note that we do not offer the "FTTP On Demand" product.

We do not have, in our network, any equipment installed to filter access to any part of the public Internet for our customers as a whole. We will give 12 months notice if we ever add any such filtering.

This claim relates to the passing or normal unicast IPv4 and IPv6 packets to and from the public Internet based on the appropriate standards and RFCs. This means packets can be dropped because a link is full or there is a technical fault, or because they are malformed in some way, or clearly spoofed or incorrect source addresses. In the case of some sort of attack we can take steps to manage that. Only packets actually addressed to your IP addresses will get to you, and similarly only packets from you that are from your IP addresses will get to the Internet (BCP38). We don't control the rest of the Internet and so cannot bypass corporate or national firewalls or filtering outside of our network. However, we aim to deal with peers and carriers that have similarly open policies where possible.

An unfiltered service does not give you any right to do anything wrong or illegal, and we can, of course suspend your service for breach of our AUP or non payment. You can run your own firewall or restrictions on your own network or ask us to set up such firewalls for you. Parents are advised to supervise their children's use of the Internet and consider parental controls as appropriate.

We do this because censorship is a bad idea. Even a small amount of censorship for a good cause is the thin end of the wedge and ultimately leads to restriction of free speech. Bear in mind that we may have to restructure your contract for service to be with another company or other legal mechanisms to avoid censorship or monitoring orders

Our target is to ensure links to carriers are not congested - i.e. we are never the bottleneck. Whilst it is technically impossible to guarantee this, we will monitor congestion carefully and provide reports on how well we have achieved that target for each type of service

Wireless networking is one of the most useful of all modern technologies, allowing levels of convenience and flexibility that would have seemed like science fiction only a couple of decades ago. But, it can sometimes be problematic.

Read more about WiFi challenges and limitations

We have a code of practice that covers speed and quality. Read more.

Give us a month and we'll sort your problem broadband line or your money back.

If you are migrating your service to us, even though you know you have a problem with your broadband line, we'll take on the fault. We'll tackle the problem and get it fixed within one month. If we don't then you can migrate away and owe us nothing for your migration to us and your service charges for that month. Read more.

Broadband and fibre internet access is available using a number of different technologies depending on where you are and your budget.

In most of the country we can offer services using VDSL (fibre to the cabinet). In other areas we can offer services using slower ADSL or faster G.FAST and FTTP technologies.

The speed your can achieve will depend on the technology and line length and quality and can vary over time. Use the availability checker or quote/order form to obtain a speed estimate and check your options. We are committed to offering quality and speed of service more.

For over a decade we have provided bonded ADSL2+ connections when enables the total throughput of multiple circuits to be bonded together to increase the upload and download speeds. This is also applicable to FTTC services. This type of solution is ideal for rural areas where speed is restricted by the length of the line. We can also rent our FireBrick FB2900 router, which can be used to firewall and bond the connection at your side. Read More.

We have some customers on our older 'Unit' based tariff, this is described on our Units page.

What customers have to say...

"Needed a reliable and fast ISP for professional reasons. The choice became rapidly obvious when comparing ISPs. Less marketing expenses, more networks and support staff investments. I'm still customer after 3 years, meaning I've got the value from this company."

Source: ISPReview

"CQM System is excellent and add a lot of value to the service"

"AAISP FTTC for the last 2 years. Totally brilliant."

Source: Kitz

"I will continue to use AAISP for the foreseeable future and would recommend to anyone who requires an internet only package with high speed and high reliability."

Source: Trustpilot

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