UK numbers delivered to VoIP phones, mobiles or your own systems

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Our SIP service offers both 'trunk' functionality and centrex functionality all in one product. How you use it is up to you; either connected to your on-premises PBX or directly to handsets in a 'cloud telephony' setup. It's also a great time to switch to using a SIP handset in the home, in replacement of a legacy landline telephone.

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Typical Costs (inc VAT)

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Installation/setup cost of an 01, 02 or 03 phone number

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Ongoing rental for an 01, 02 or 03 phone number

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from 1.25p
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Charges for the calls you make

from 1.25p
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Call pricing lookup

Lookup the cost of a call, eg 01344 (for Bracknell) or +1212 (or New York)


User Experience

Features you'd use day to day

  • Works just like a normal phone
  • Call transfer
  • Centrex, eg 3 digit extension dialing if you have a block of numbers
  • Withhold your CLI on all calls
  • Emergency Services (Click here to learn more)

Optional Features

These are further features that can be enabled for no additional cost

  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Warn callers the call is recorded
  • Call-gate systems (press 1 for sales, 2 for support etc)
  • Record all incoming and/or outgoing calls
  • Time profiles on voicemail and diverts etc
  • Various special numbers available, eg to leave yourself a voicemail
  • Call rate limits on a national and international basis
  • Ring groups to call other phones with individual delays
  • Restricted access mode - list up to ten numbers that can only call you and you can only call - useful for children


Details about our platform

  • Numbers available in all area codes, inc 03, 05, 0800
  • Modify the outgoing CLI (Within reason)
  • Fraud Protection (See here to learn more)
  • SRV DNS record Support
  • Recording format as MP3, OGG, FLAC or WAV
  • Call logs on Control pages and itemised bills
  • Add an alphanumeric 'tag' to the incoming call CLI eg, so you know what department they are calling
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
  • Send realtime simple syslog events to your syslog server on calls
  • Various security options such as locking down a SIP account to specific IPs and emails when a new device registers to your account
  • Various options for what we send as your Caller ID
  • 711 a-law codec


Pricing & Contract

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Low standing charges


One month minimum term

  • Unsure if VoIP is for you, then it's cheap and easy to give it a try and just pay for what you use.
  • Technical support is on hand if you run into problems and our knowledge base has help in setting up various handsets.
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Competitive call charges

  • We charge by the second. You can use the form above to look up what it costs to call UK and worldwide destinations.

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Home or office

Our VoIP service and the features are equally suitable for home where you may have a single number or for business use where you may have 100 numbers.

Good to know


Minimal requirements

  • All you need is a number from us and a VoIP capable telephone or software on a computer.
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Port your number

Bring your number (porting)

  • In most cases, we can port your existing number or number blocks from your current provider to us.
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Works well with A&A broadband

  • Our own broadband services have constant quality monitoring and will give priority to VoIP traffic by default, ensuring good quality calls.
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Direct Debit

If you are spending less than £20/month with us we will expect you to pay by Direct Debit. This is also the most sensible method for paying a call bill which can vary from month to month.

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Traditionally companies have paid for expensive fixed lines such as ISDN and you'd rent or purchase a relatively expensive phone system (PBX) - a decade ago we were installing and maintaining many of these systems.

With the advent of good quality broadband services and companies like us running large-scale phone systems on their own network, the cost of a telephone system has reduced dramatically.

All you need now is a phone number from us, and a VoIP phone, and you'll be making calls. Even small and medium sized companies use our own systems and have phones in their offices making calls and using the features that we provide and are saving hundreds of pounds each month.

In simple terms VoIP is making and receiving telephone calls using your internet connection rather than your phone line.

You purchase one or more telephone numbers from us, you can choose the area code and even pay a little more for a nicer number. Then, you can either buy your own VoIP telephone or we can provide them for you. These phones plug in to your network rather than your phone line.

You can register your phone direct to our servers and use the features we offer, or you can do more advanced things such as running your own phone system (PBX) and we can route calls to that.

VoIP Diagram

The way we work is that each of your telephones has a real phone number. You are able to call each other using the last few digits of the phone number - the number of digits is configured on our Control Pages. Typically people use the last three digits.

So, for each person or phone that you have, you will need a phone number.

You may also want additional numbers, for example for different departments. These 'department' numbers can be the ones you advertise and they can be configured to ring the relevant numbers of your staff in those depatments.

We have incoming and outgoing text services. Once you have a number from us you can send a text from that number, charged at Xp. You can get a confirmation that the text has arrived. This is possible via our send a text web page or from your computer systems by using our API (See the Knowledge Base).

If you have presentation numbers set up (as per outgoing calls) either of these can also be used as the sending number for your texts.

For some of our numbers you can also receive texts to the number. Where texts can be received, the texts can simply be emailed to you, or sent to your computer systems or forwarded to our mobile services voice SIM (for a fee).

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In most cases we can port your existing number or number blocks in to us. This includes blocks of numbers you may have on your existing ISDN-based system, or even your mobile number.

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We classify numbers tin/bronze, silver and gold. This depends on how nice the number is. Most numbers are tin or bronze, and have our normal low cost for them to be active or reserved. Silver numbers cost a little more, and gold numbers even more. When you pick a number you can say if you want to only consider tin/bronze or also see silver and gold numbers.

Some numbers are classified as platinum (e.g. 222222 or 654321) or even taxi which cost a lot more. Contact sales for these.

We can provide 0800 numbers that are free for people to call you on.

You will then have a charge for any incoming calls to that number. The cost can depend on whether the call is from a landline, mobile or payphone.

Some times you don't want to use the number right away. This is usually for companies that want to have some numbers for staff phones, but want to reserve a larger block so they can activate more numbers later as they need. This keeps all of the numbers together in a block. You can reserve numbers when ordering blocks of 10 or more, and then activate individual numbers as and when. There is a smaller on-going monthly charge for reserved numbers.

You can only reserve our "tin/bronze" numbers. Silver and gold numbers cannot be reserved. If you want to reserve a block of numbers that contains a silver or gold number you will have to activate that number whilst reserving the rest. When activating a number there is no refund of the reservation fee which is charged in advance to the end of your billing period.

When picking a number you have a lot of choice

  • First, you tell us what area code you want the number to be in. If your choice is not clear we offer a list of areas. You can also pick more than one area to choose sets of similar numbers in several areas all at the same time.
  • You tell us if you want to consider only bronze, or silver and gold as well.
  • You can pick single numbers or a pair of numbers, and can even say a sequence of up to 3 digits that you want to appear in the numbers
  • You can ask to reserve a block of 10, 20, 50 or 100 numbers in an area. Again, you say if you want to consider silver or gold numbers being in the block or not. If the block has silver or gold numbers these are activated immediately. The rest of the block remains reserved and you can activate as and when you need via our control pages.
  • You can even ask for a pair of adjacent numbers if you wish.

03 numbers are not like 0845 or 0870 which were always meant to be local and national, but retained their high prices as normal calls got much cheaper. The rules are clear that they are treated like normal numbers to call.

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