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VoIP use cases: Home user

Replace your old PSTN service with VoIP

Simple to use DECT base station and handsets - you can choose a brand new phone number or we can port in your existing number that your family and friends already know. You'll then be making and receiving phone calls over your broadband connection rather than a 'phone line'.

Note: Normally this works just like a land line, but this is a VoIP service, and depends on Internet and power. As such it is not exactly like a land line, which would usually work with no power - allowing calls to emergency services in such a case. Please bear this in mind and consider other ways to access emergency services in a power cut, such as mobile.

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Yealink W53P

Key features and benefits

  • Voicemail - emailed to you
  • Caller display - know who's calling you
  • Call forwarding - use our control pages to ring other phones, even your mobile (call costs apply)
  • Low monthly costs and low call fees

  • Easy-to-use cordless handsets available from £120.00
  • Pre-configured when buying the number and phone from us
  • Add additional cordless handsets for £70.00
  • Port in your existing landline number or choose a new one
All our usual features are included as standard. - the ones above are those which stand out for home users.

You can use your own SIP-compatible phone, or you can choose to include a phone from us with your order.

For home-use, we'd recommend a cordless phone solution - the Gigaset or Yealink base station and handsets. You can have multiple handsets and we'll configure it for you before posting it.

The handset works very much like a 'normal' cordless phone, rather than the base station being plugged in to your phone line it it plugged in to your broadband router.

Typical handset features features (depends on the model):

  • Large 1.8" display screen, with choice of coloured back lights (blue, green, orange and pink)
  • 150 contact names and numbers can be added to the phone book
  • Choice of 20 ringtones
  • Set ringtones and display colours for VIP contacts
  • Backlit keypad
  • Day/Night mode deactivate ringtone at night

What's in the box:

  • DECT handset
  • Base station
  • Ethernet cable
  • 2xAA batteries
  • Battery cover
  • Charging cradle
  • UK Power adaptors
  • User guide

The costs

Number setup £12.00 Learn more

Installation/setup cost of a new 01 or 02 phone number. (Porting a number will cost more)

£12.00 per number
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Cordless VoIP Phone £120.00 Learn more

Yealink DECT base station and one handset

£120.00 With one handset
Monthly £1.20 Learn more

Ongoing rental for an 01, 02 or 03 phone number

£1.20 per month + calls

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Please do contact us if you have any questions!

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