Custom printed SIM Cards

SIM branding

Whether you are buying one SIM for your own mobile use, or hundreds of SIMs to start a mobile service, we can offer a number of branding options.

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Our mobile voice and data SIMs provide a very flexible solution which can easily be used in a corporate network or by a wholesale provider to create their own mobile service. Our data SIM cards allow L2TP back-haul to your own network. Our voice SIM allow connection to SIP voice servers, and texting back-end systems, all the cards can be custom printed front and back for you.

Artwork Detail

When ordering a SIM you have the option to select from a gallery of artwork, or upload your own. When creating your own artwork use these specifications:

  • Size: Recommended 2072 x 1328 pixels to allow some bleed over edge
  • DPI: 600
  • Format: png, bmp, jpeg
  • Leave gaps for the cut-out? no

You should not leave gaps for the SIM cut-out or contacts, but bear these in mind as part of your design. The card also has some text and barcode information that is pre-printed. Whilst you can upload a jpg image, we recommend a lossless format such as png or bmp.

Whilst the SIM will still have the A&A logo, the artwork can be your choice - making it ideal as a gift, or just for fun.

Printed SIM

SIM rear

Removing A&A logo

Staff can remove the A&A logo and corresponding text before printing. If you are in contact with staff you can request this - but you do need to ensure this is done before the print. We suggest you place your order whilst on the phone or irc to a member of the sales team that can then pick up your SIM order and ensure the logo is removed.

This is obviously not the best process if you need to order SIMs with no logo, but can be used for a one-off. If you need lots of SIMs without the A&A logo then we can set up branding - see below.

Custom front artwork

We can arrange branding for customers wanting to order SIM cards regularly. This is ideal for corporate SIM cards to staff, where additional information can be included on the back of the SIM, and the front can bear company logo / branding.

We will provide a link to place orders for SIMs which offers a range of SIM artwork, and you still have the option to upload new SIM front artwork and select previously uploaded artwork.

The rear of the SIM is a common layout with black only printing - we can remove and adjust various aspects of the standard back to suit your needs but some are always included such as the ICCID. Some aspects of the back are pre-printed on the SIM cards as well (barcode and ICCID).

Custom brand overlay

An alternative which is ideal for branding your own mobile service is that we set up brand overlay - just like the A&A logo which is overlaid on any chosen image. This then allows you to order with any of the standard SIM front artwork or upload artwork as you wish but with your brand overlaid on to the image automatically. This will normally be a round image in colour on the front and mono for the rear.

Operator name

We can provide a link to set the "operator name" in the SIMs your order - this is shown on screen on some older phones and in a menu on phones such as an iPhone.

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