Plastic card printing services

We offer professional quality printing of plastic cards for identification, conferences/events, club membership, or just for fun. Ideal for company ID, and even high quality business cards.

You can design your card, and preview on screen. You can enter card details for each person, or even import a CSV to create a whole batch.

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Simple pricing

The basic price is £2.50 +VAT per order plus £1.00 +VAT per card for single sided full colour card printing. This includes post and packaging.

Per order
£2.50 +VAT
Regardless of number of cards
Per card
£1.00 +VAT
Single sided, full colour
Double sided
£1.00 +VAT
Extra per card for double sided
Mag stripe
50p +VAT
Extra per card for mag stripe
£1.00 +VAT
Extra per card for UV layer
£1.00 +VAT
Extra per card for RFID cards
50p +VAT
Extra per card for punching a slot and supplying a clip

If you want to print on specialised cards, you need to provide your own blank cards. There is no extra cost (or discount) for your own cards. We usually stock the MIFARE DESFire EV2 4k (as above) with and without mag stripe.

Note, this video is not necessarily up to date with current prices - see above for details.

Powerful features

The entry level is single sided print in full colour (including black overlay layer) - ideal for name badges. However, we can do a lot more:

  • Edge to edge printing.
  • Double sided full colour.
  • Photo upload per card.
  • UV (invisible text / image / barcode) overlay.
  • IEC16022 and QR 2D barcodes.
  • EAN13, UPC, EAN8, EAN5, ITF, Code39, and Code128 1D barcodes.
  • Mag stripe coding (tracks 1, 2, and 3).
  • VCARD contact details link (small barcode that gets VCARD details from our web site).
  • RFID cards (NXP MIFARE DESFire EV2 4k)
  • Print on your own cards including SIM cards with cut-outs.
  • CSV upload data for whole batches of cards in one go.
  • For events we can provide a link to allow people to add their own details for the event - creating a simple event registration system that also provides the event name cards.
  • Comprehensive unicode character support allowing accented characters to support names from a wide variety of countries.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • No minimum order - order a little as one card at a time.

Design basics

There are a number of predefined card designs which you can request, simply completing the fields to be printed, or you can create your own design based on templates, adding fields and images as you required. These include useful cards, comedy cards, and generic event cards. You can simply start with a blank card design, portrait or landscape and add background and all of the fields you need.

The basic idea is that card design may have background images, fixed text and per-card text fields. These fields can also be expressed in barcodes if you need. Additional fixed graphics can be added, or per-card images (e.g. photo ID). The text and images and barcodes can be added to the colour or black or UV layer on front of back.

There are various options for colours of text, rotation, alignment, and font, as well as size of text and images and barcodes.

If you are designing artwork, the cards are standard credit card size which is 85.60mm x 53.98mm (about 3⅜" by 2⅛"), and can be designed as landscape or portrait. They are printed at 300dpi. We suggest you make any full card artwork 1024 by 648 pixels which (if you work it out) is slightly larger to allow some variation in print position with over-the-edge bleed of artwork.

Our staff can usually offer some advice on card design if you need.

Getting started

The card design web site is You can use this to set up a new login (based on your email address) and start making cards and seeing what they look like. If you would like samples, contact sales. If you want a batch of cards you can order on-line once you have completed your design and input your individual card details.

We can print on a UV layer which is invisible until you use a UV light. This can include patterns, generic text and logos, and even per card text, barcodes and images (e.g. copy of photo ID). Note: At present the UV includes a machine ID printed in one corner which we are not yet able to remove.

We can also supply / print on RFID cards, and encode mag stripes as needed for access control systems.

As per normal terms, liability is limited to a refund of price paid. We cannot guarantee delivery dates, but we will try to print and ship on the day of ordering if ordered in the morning. For events we recommend ordering a week in advance and then any additional cards or reprints closer to the event. We cannot guarantee print with no defects and will re-print any returned as defective free of charge based on the template/card still on the system. You can cancel up until we start printing for no cost, cancelling after we have started you pay for any cards printed. Once shipped, full price is due. If supplying your own card stock, there may be some wastage (especially where we have to get print settings right for new types of card), and any such failed cards are returned in whatever state in they end up, with no print charge.

We may take additional steps to verify any order for "ID" cards with separate postal contact with company address or director's address. We may also reject orders that appear to be trying to fake any sort of ID, are offensive, or for any other reason. You indemnify us against any third party claims relating to any cards we print for you, including infringement of copyright or fraud.

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