Paying by bank transfer

There are a number of ways you can send us money by a bank transfer, typically using on-line or mobile banking.

Bank details

Sort code: 04-00-04 (Monzo bank)
Account: 62629119
Reference: Your A&A account, e.g. A12345A

Timescales for Fast Payments (normal on-line banking)

Online banking normally transfers money in a few seconds from one UK bank account to another, though in theory it could take hours. In some cases your bank may delay a payment longer or send it via BACS and some banks are not always that clear if they have done this (typically because they think there is some sort of fraud).

In practice we have not seen any delay with payments, and we now take payments for deposits as part of the order process, confirming we have the deposit during the order.

Timescales for BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing System)

BACS is the older way to send money between UK banks, but still used by some systems. A BACS payment takes 2 banking days to arrive, so if you send payment on Tuesday it will arrive Thursday. Usually, on-line banking will use Fast Payments and not BACS, but some business systems send using BACS. Remember, there are bank holidays. The BACS payment takes exactly two banking days, so always allow for weekends and English bank holidays.

Confirmation of Payee

Confirmation of payee - fraud prevention

We are very wary of possible fraud, where people send money to the wrong bank account. For this reason we quote our bank details here on a secure (https) web site with a name ending in 𝚊𝚊.πš—πšŽπš.πšžπš”, and also on (digitally signed) invoices. If you are in any doubt about our bank details please do call us to check.

To help avoid fraud, and mistakes, most UK banks are now checking that you are paying the right person. You will typically be asked for the name of the company you are paying, and confirming that you are paying a business account. Our company name is π™°π™½π™³πšπ™΄πš†πš‚ & π™°πšπ™½π™Ύπ™»π™³ π™»πšƒπ™³ but some banks seem unable to handle the & (ampersand) in our name, so do try π™°π™½π™³πšπ™΄πš†πš‚ 𝙰𝙽𝙳 π™°πšπ™½π™Ύπ™»π™³ π™»πšƒπ™³ if that is the case. You may find you are prompted with the name π™°π™½π™³πšπ™΄πš†πš‚ π™°πšπ™½π™Ύπ™»π™³ π™»π™Έπ™Όπ™Έπšƒπ™΄π™³ if your bank cannot show the & in the name. If the payee check does not work, shows as non business, or shows some different name, please do not send money - call us to check the details. If you send money to a different account you may not be able to get it back.

Beneficiary reference

The beneficiary reference is just as important as the other details, and is there for the benefit of the person being paid (i.e. us). We tell you what reference to quote. It looks like π™°πŸ·πŸΈπŸΉπŸΊπŸ»π™° (starts with an 𝙰, then numbers, then an 𝙰). It is the same for every payment you ever make to us, so you can save it as the reference to use on your mobile/on-line banking.

This really should be simple - the reference is for us so that we can allocate the payment correctly, it is not a note for you on your statement. So please, just put the exact reference we have asked. If you don't put the right reference your payment can end up in the wrong place, and if we have to do any manual work to sort it out we charge a small admin fee, so please just use the reference as we have asked, nothing more, nothing less. This is not complicated, and no different to paying any other utility, or tax, all of which require the correct reference to be used.

Remittance advice

You do not need to send remittance advices. If fact, please don't - they do not help!

If you are withholding payment for any invoice or part of any invoice you need to let us know. Payments arriving with the correct reference are simply applied to your account clearing the oldest due invoice. As long as all invoices are paid within terms then the allocation of specific payments to specific invoices is irrelevant. A remittance advice does not help in anyway and just wastes paper and/or time.

International payments

We do not normally need top receive payments from non UK accounts, but we know this works for € within SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and may work from other countries/currencies too. If you are unsure, please do make a test payment first. Do discuss with out accounts staff if you need. International payments usually take at least one banking day, so allow for this if paying close to the due date.

If you send us money not from a UK bank account, and we are to refund you, you will need to provide a UK bank sort code and account number for the refund, or a valid IBAN. If not, then we cannot refund you, sorry.

IBAN: GB89MONZ04000462629119
Reference: Your A&A account, e.g. A12345A

Paying by CHAPS, or other means

There are other ways to pay electronically such as CHAPS. Please put the correct reference, just like any other payment, e.g. π™°πŸ·πŸΈπŸΉπŸΊπŸ»π™°, and nothing else. Payment by CHAPS can take several hours, and is not usually as instant as normal on-line/mobile banking fast payments. CHAPS usually has a fee, which you need to pay. If you send a payment with "recipient pays fee" that will simply be dedicated from your account, which may make your full payment short/late, so please don't.

Paying suppliers

Our preferred method of paying suppliers is BACS. Please ensure you advise us of the necessary details for payments including the reference you would like us to quote on all of the payments we make to you.

Deposits with orders

In some cases we offer the option to pay a deposit with your on-line order for new customers. This is normally optional, but allows many types of orders to be completed, and the service (such as VoIP and L2TP) to be provided immediately once the order is completed. If setting up a Direct Debit then you must send payment from the same account.

If ordering an ongoing service, the deposit is normally a whole number of pounds, for your convenience, and so slightly less than your initial invoice. There is then a small direct debit for the balance. This ensures that the direct debit is working properly for the ongoing service.

In some cases our accounts staff may ask for a deposit, or full amount, to be paid before shipping an order. You can make the payment via banking fast payment to avoid any additional delay. Accounts staff can see a fast payment amount as soon as it arrives.

A deposit paid with order is applied to your account with us, and applies to invoices until used up. If you do not complete the order we refund to your bank in a few days. You can request a refund of the balance of your deposit at any time. Payment, and invoice, do not mean we can supply the goods or services ordered, and we limit liability to a "money back guarantee", refunding any balance due, on request, by bank transfer to a UK bank account.

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