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Normal broadband lines were never really intended to provide the same level of speed and reliability as traditional expensive leased lines or fibre Ethernet circuits for businesses. However, by using multiple VDSL lines with intelligent bonding and fall-back, AAISP offer Office::1: A high availability Internet access service, making use of ADSL and VDSL broadband lines.

Our Office::1 package is office connectivity with all you need to get started with a new or existing business.

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Setup £200.00 +VAT Learn more

Installation of copper pair and ADSL/VDSL broadband lines, pre-configured FireBrick 2900, modems etc delivered to site.

£200.00 +VAT one off
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Monthly £200.00 +VAT Learn more

Office::1 Broadband service, 20 terabyte usage allowance, dual bonded VDSL lines, plus ADSL backup, per month

£200.00 +VAT per month

Key features

  • Newly installed lines to minimise issues with other wiring, extension wiring, etc.
  • Two bonded FTTC or FTTP lines for main high availability broadband, with fallback to one line if necessary. Normally via separate back-haul carriers.
  • Additional single ADSL line as further fallback in the event of FTTC cabinet issues.
  • Option for your own 3G or 4G SIM & dongle as further backup, or we can help configure a separate Ethernet router via the FireBrick as a backup.
  • VDSL/ADSL Bridging modems included
  • A pre-configured FireBrick FB2900 router/firewall and SIP VoIP gateway to manage bonding and fall-back.
  • Static block of IPv6 addresses, and a block of static IPv4 addresses as needed.
  • All equipment, labeled, and supplied in a box ready to go.
  • 12 month initial term, then rolling monthly contract.
  • Active line monitoring from both ends of the link.
  • 20TB usage quota per month, with roll over of half of unused quota ongoing. No top-ups or surprise bills.

A few options

This service and equipment fits well with a number of other services we offer.

  • The FB2900 provides IPsec and so can be used as an IPsec endpoint to link to other offices or roaming works (e.g. iPhone, Android, etc). We can assist with configuration as needed.
  • The FB2900 provides a VoIP/SIP PABX. We can assist with configuration and supply phones. We can provide VoIP/SIP numbers in all UK area codes and mobile numbers (SIP trunks). Our SIP2SIM service can provide mobile connectivity to the same office phone system.
  • We can supply business grade multiple-access-point WiFi systems as well, to ensure reliable WiFi coverage.
Note: This checker works with both the BT Wholesale and TalkTalk Business carriers and enables you to place a broadband order online, based upon what services and technologies are available in your location. Should you wish to see more details about which BT Wholesale facilities are available, you can visit the BT Wholesale Availability Checker directly.

Key Features

Why Office::1

Your office, connected and on-line, 24/7, all handled by one industry leading provider.

Making use of cheaper broadband technology to delivery higher availability services with bonding to get higher throughput and fall-back for faults.

Nobody likes to consider faults or sell with the suggestion that there may be a fault, but faults can happen, and by using multiple lines and ADSL and 3G/4G fall-back we can make them no more than a minor inconvenience, or often unnoticeable.

Businesses often find that they become reliant on Internet access, whether to access suppliers or communicate with customers, or even something as basic as phone calls. It is surprisingly common for businesses to use a single broadband line with no fall-back and then get a nasty shock when there is any sort of problem. By using two lines, not only does this increase speed, but also it allows a line fault on one of the lines to be repaired while continuing to access the Internet on the other line. The ADSL and 3G/4G backup provides extra layers of protection, just in case.

Consider what it would cost to have no Internet for a week? Office::1 helps make this situation highly unlikely.

Installation timescale

Next day: We can usually ship the equipment for next working day, and if you have a suitable SIM card & dongle you can be on-line using the 3G/4G backup right away whilst waiting for your lines to be installed. This depends on coverage and a suitable SIM being used and compatible dongle/router.

Normal install times for the lines start from around 7 working days, though availability of BT engineers in your location and time of year can mean this takes longer. We always arrange for brand new copper pair used only for the broadband links as that provides the best chance of a reliable and fast service.

What this typically means is 1 day for 3G/4G, around 7 days for broadband lines. VoIP numbers can be enabled immediately. SIP2SIM SIMs can be sent for next day delivery.

What does it cost?

The pricing is simple. Install is £200.00 +VAT. Monthly cost is £200.00 +VATpcm. Initial term is 12 months, and then rolling monthly contract.

VoIP options

The basic package is for Internet access, but if you want to use Voice over IP for your telephones, we can help ensure that is set up sensibly. We can work with other providers or provide telephones and telephone numbers as part of the package. Just tell us what you need - we can provide:-

  • Blocks of local phone numbers so you can have hunt groups and direct dial in (DDI) for staff.
  • Desk phones including busy lamp field, hold, transfer, and conference.
  • Conference room hands free phones for those that cannot make the meeting.
  • DECT base stations and DECT phones allowing mobile use around the office.
  • SIP2SIM mobile voice SIMs allowing mobiles to be just another office extension.

WiFi options

We can supply enterprise grade multi-access-point WiFi equipment to meet your needs and ensure reliable WiFi for your whole office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sadly not. The use of multiple lines and 3G/4G backup drastically reduce the chance of problems and outages. The most difficult problems with any broadband service are copper pairs faults, which can take days to fix, but rarely affect more than one line. By having three, we reduce the downtime. Having a final 3G/4G backup provides a last resort. Even so we cannot guarantee no outages. Bear in mind problems can exists the other side of the internet as well - the site to which you are trying to connect may have issues, and we cannot control that.

We install FTTC or FTTP lines capped at 80Mb/s, and two are bonded, so twice that. If FTTC, the speed depends on the copper pairs, and our availability checker order/quote form can give you an estimate. The ADSL fall back will again depend on the line.

It depends on the nature of the fault, but if a line goes off line completely then we typically have reduced service (packet loss) for up to ten seconds and then run on the one remaining line. If a line is faulty but not enough for the fall-back, it can, of course, simply be unplugged to force the fall-back.

You can leave the service at any time. However, if you leave within the initial 12 months there is a charge of £60.00 pcm based on the remainder of the initial term. It is also important to note that we do not offer Office::1 on fewer than two lines, nor where we are not providing the copper pair, so migrating or ceasing lines below this level is ceasing the whole service.

Compared to most leased line or fibre solutions this is a cheap package. We are making use of traditionally less reliable links and multiple lines to provide a high availability service at a reasonable price.

If you are comparing this with a typical broadband service, then it may seem expensive. What you need to ask yourself is how much could losing Internet access for a day or two end up costing you. We are aiming to provide a high availability service for a reasonable price and we think this package is reasonable. If you are out in the sticks with long lines and slow broadband this service can start by offering twice the normal FTTC broadband speed by simple using two lines bonded.

By including newly installed, broadband only, copper pairs (for FTTC and ADSL) with the service we minimise the possibility of issues with telephones, phone systems, fax machines, card machines, extension wiring, etc. We also ensure one bill and one point of contact. We include the modem and FireBrick router in the package which means there is no option of you having to call one party who blames another and you have to call them. Whether a fault is in the copper pair, broadband or equipment it is our responsibility to sort it. We can check the service works right up to the port on the FireBrick on your network.

We don't visit, but a BT engineer will come and install the copper pair. We send a box containing all of the equipment and instructions, and we can talk you through what to plug in where on the phone. We are working with IT consultants and installation firms who will offer packages including installation and may include PCs and network setup as well.

Obviously it would not be good for a high-availability service to stop working when you hit a usage limit and stopped working. We include a huge 20TB usage allowance per month which you are unlikely to hit. If you do hit this, all that happens is the service slows to 30Mb/s, which is still very usable even if you are streaming media. No surprise bills!

The ADSL backup is included in the monthly usage. The mobile backup is ideally a separate SIM card you pay someone else for. If you use one of our SIM cards then any data usage is charged at normal rates.

We will assess this on a case by case basis. The concept behind this is that we have a known quantity in terms of the lines and equipment which will make it easier to support and maintain. Moving existing customers may mean existing lines with extension wiring, or existing equipment, and so not quite fit the new plan. In some cases we can move customers and offer a reduced installation price. However, you will certainly be able to buy this new package as a new install and move over existing IPs, and so on, and this is what we will recommend.

It does not include a SIM or data. We can supply an A&A data SIM if you would like, at our standard pricing, or you can buy a suitable SIM and dongle of your own. Using your own SIM will add an extra layer of redundancy as it will not depend on our network in any way.

The set up charges are invoiced when you order and are payable on your agreed payment terms (for new customers this may be immediately). For normal Office::1 installs, ongoing charges commence from the day that the first broadband line is active. Data SIM charges commence from when the SIM is activated.

Office::1 is a complete package with copper pairs and broadband links to provide the high availability solution. It makes no sense to migrate any part of the service, so if you do request a migration of one of the lines or broadband links, that is treated as cease of all of the services and subject to the initial term. Please do talk to us if you want to migrate the whole package to another provider, but this is a fairly unique service. If you are concerned over accidental migrations or slamming we do offer an anti-slamming service.

If you can get FTTP instead, we use that. Otherwise we do have a SoHo::1 package which allows you to make a package of different services, and buy a FireBrick to make a similar arrangement with ADSL lines, etc. However the Office::1 is only available where we can use FTTC or FTTP. (Note that this does not include FTTP on-demand)

Sales can assess the services, and if we can change your set up to this new arrangement and tariff, we will be happy to do so, and send a new FB2900 to replace your FB2700, if you commit to a new 12 month term.

Note that the equipment remains our property and will need to be returned (or paid for) if you cease services. You will need to take care of the equipment and pay for any loss or damage, so it is advisable to ensure it is insured.

Older options for Office::1 are no longer available. Existing customers continue to receive these at the existing prices.

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