Sending Text messages through our API

Sending Text Messages

We operate an outbound text service that is available to all of our customers that have a VoIP number.

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To use this service you must have an outgoing password configured in the control pages for the VoIP number, you can then use our web form or our API. Sending a TEXT costs 3.6p per message part.

The originator field is used to set where the message is from. Normally this is only your phone number. Exceptions are:-

If you have a presentation number set up for your VoIP, this will be used unless you specify an originator. You can specify the presentation number, or the main number.

If you ask us, we can allow sending of text based originators on a per account basis. You will need to be an established customer. This can be withdrawn at any time.

Your bill will show the number of texts sent and received per number. The optional XML version of your bill contains detailed information for each text sent or received, including the text content of the message (unless the private setting was used).

Multipart texts are itemised and billed as a single text but billed for the number of parts sent. The XML identifies the number of parts.

Using our normal text services setting the destination number as the SIM ICCID (19 digit number starting 89) will send the text to the SIM.

You can also use the outgoing text gateway using the SIM ICCID as the username and a password as set in the SIM config on the control pages. In this case you do not need to specify the da.

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In some cases we can provide a delivery report and indicate progress of a message. However this is not always possible and should not be relied on.

To use this, specify the srr either as an email address or a URL. The URL can include (typically after the ?) a string %code which will be replaced with a number that indicates progress. 1=Delivered, 2=Rejected, 4=Buffered, 8=Accepted by SMSC, and 16=Rejected by SMSC. Other % strings can be used such as %da or %dest as the original destination number, %oa for originator, %ud for the message.

You can find out more about sending text messages to our numbers and the SIP2SIM service on our Knowledge Base.

Send a text message from your VoIP account

Your VoIP number, no spaces
Your VoIP outgoing password
Where to send text to, no spaces

* Required field.

(There are costs involved in sending text messages)

Additional options

One of your block of numbers or presentation numbers, or if allowed - an alpha tag (max 11 characters)
Tag to including in XML billing data
Hexadecimal User Data Header
Delivery report URL or email address (not always available)

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