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SIP2SIM & Text Messages

The text service allows texts to and from the phone with the SIM. Texts can be sent to the phone by using our normal text gateway with a destination of the SIM ICCID and credentials for the text service (e.g. a VoIP account). The control pages allow texts from the phone to be sent to an HTTP address of your choice.

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2p +VAT per SMS


  • Some phones and some networks validate the number you are texting from a phone and will only reliably allow texting of a full phone number.
  • If you have an A&A VoIP number on the same login as the SIM you can set the SIM ICCID on the incoming section of the VoIP number so that texts to that number are relayed directly to the SIM. There is a text charge for this. Not all of our VoIP numbers can accept incoming texts.
  • If you have an A&A VoIP number on the same login as the SIM you can set this on the SIM config on the control pages so that texts from the SIM are sent out as from that number. This incurs our normal outgoing text cost plus the SIP2SIM text cost, but we hope in future to apply a discount in this case.

  • There may be a small range of non UK mobile numbers to which mobile originated texts would go directly, i.e. bypassing the normal http posting, and presenting a different sending number.
  • At present there may be ways for some texts to reach the phone bypassing the http posting (i.e. a hidden number) but we expect to be able to fix this in due course.
  • Some phones (e.g. iPhones) send SMS to validate services (e.g. iMessage) and these will be chargeable.

Not all A&A VoIP numbers can handle incoming texts. There is unlikely to ever be any discounting of inbound text charges even when we have 07 mobile numbers working for texts as we are unlikely to see incoming revenue from such texts.

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