Text messages to Email or to your API

Receiving Text Messages

This is where text messages are sent to us to delivery to our customers. We provide VoIP numbers in all UK area codes and some special services (e.g. 0800). However, at present, only a few of the numbers starting 01 and 02 can receive texts properly from most networks. All of our 01, 02 and 03 numbers can receive texts from Three properly. Attempts to send texts to other geographic numbers (i.e. those starting 01 and 02) cause a call to be made and the text read out by an automated system.

Where texts can be received properly, and this includes all cases where A&A customers send texts through us, the text will be sent on to you by your choice of means, either emailed to you or posted to a web script of your own.

Methods for receiving text messages


If you simply put in an email address, then the text is emailed to you. Additional email headers may be present to specify fields such as User Data Header if present, etc. This is also the default if you do not put any incoming text handling in to the control pages, but you have an email address defined for the number.

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If you put an entry starting http:// or https:// then we will attempt to send the text to you using HTTP (or HTTPS). If the URL ends with a ? or & then an HTTP GET is done with a set of form fields (i.e. name=value) containing information about the text. If the URL does not, then an HTTP POST is done using URL encoded form data

Find out how on the Knowledge Base

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