Incoming text messages to email or to your API

Receiving Text Messages

This page is about which of our numbers are able to receive incoming SMS and how the messages can then be delivered to you.

Handling incoming SMS

  • 07 (mobile) numbers that we issue can receive text messages, and can be sent on to you by email, http or to your SIP2SIM device.
  • 01 and 02 numbers have limited support for SMS. Only a few of our 01 and 02 numbers can receive texts properly, instead a call will be made to the number and read out by BTs automated system. Contact us if you are specifically looking for a uk landline number which can receive SMS.
  • 03 and 05 numbers are unable to receive SMS.

We can't guarantee that incoming SMS will work, but where it does work we'll be able to send them on as an email, post to your own API or send on to your SIP2SIM device. Other numbers will be called and the SMS will be read out by an automated system. All of our VoIP customers are able to send SMS messages even if SMS can't be received.

Methods for receiving text messages

SMS to Email

On our Control Pages for incoming SMS you can enter email address for SMS to be sent to. Additional email headers may be present to specify fields such as User Data Header if present, etc. This is also the default if you do not put any incoming text handling in to the control pages, but you have an email address defined for the number.
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On our Control Pages for incoming SMS you put an entry starting http:// or https:// then we will attempt to send the text to you using HTTP (or HTTPS). If the URL ends with a ? or & then an HTTP GET is done with a set of form fields (i.e. name=value) containing information about the text. If the URL does not, then an HTTP POST is done using URL encoded form data
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If you have a SIP2SIM device and a SMS capable number (eg an 07 number), then we can deliver the SMS to the SIM as a normal SMS. There are costs involved with receiving SMS on a SIP2SIM.
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Automated call

Numbers that we are unable to process the incoming SMS for digitally may receive the SMS via BTs 'voice text' system, an automated telephone call which will read out the message for you.

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