Terms for service trials

We often run service trials for new services. These may be service trials being run by our suppliers, such as BT, or Be, or may be trials for services we are planning to introduce.

Customers often take part in service trials as this allows advance use of new services as well as an opportunity to shape the service that will be launched.

Non Disclosure

Most trials do not have a non disclosure agreement. However, where one is in place for the trial you have to adhere to the NDA fully.

Where there is no non-disclosure agreement we do ask that you not openly discuss the trial in public forums. We do appreciate that you may wish to discuss with staff and other trialists on irc, and we will normally provide a separate channel for such discussion. Where you do disclose anything more publicly we ask that you make it very clear that it is a trial service on which you expect there to be some shortcomings.


We will choose which customers we want on the trial by any criteria we wish. Some trial also have specific restrictions, e.g. location, use of existing services, etc. We can dismiss you from the trial at any point.


If you are on the trial you are expected to answer questions by email, or on irc if you are on the channel, and provide feedback on the trial.

Quality of service

The whole point of a trial is that it tests the services we are planning to offer. The service on the trial may be incomplete. The service may not be available all of the time. The service may change with no notice.


The trial will normally have charges for the service. It may be a different charging system for the trial that the launched product. We will tell you the charging that applies to the trial. We may change the basis of charging during the trial. We will issue any reasonable credits where the service is totally unavailable for parts of the trial if you ask. In many cases trials will have a discount, or some parts of the trial service may be free of charge.

The trial will also test the billing systems - this means that there may be incorrect bills. We ask for feedback on the billing as well as the service. We will credit any incorrect part of any bills that you bring to our attention during the trial. Some parts of the billing may be delayed.

Continuing in to launched product

If we go on to launch the service after the trial you can continue the trial in to a launched service. In such cases you will not have to pay any additional connection or set up charges for the launched service. Charges will change to those of the launched service from the launch.


You can leave the trial during the trial period or at the end of the trial. No termination charges will apply in this case. Trial charges will apply up to the point you leave.

Additional terms

When running a trial with suppliers, or in some special cases, we may ask you to agree to additional terms when you join the trial.

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