Supplier terms

We are happy to negotiate terms with suppliers and accept standard terms of supply from suppliers subject to the following provisions.

Payment Terms

The supplier must make payment terms clear at the time of initial ordering/negotiation, and also clearly state if terms have changed for any reason. We are happy to agree supplier payment terms subject to:-

  • Unless we agree to pay you by Direct Debit, you shall supply us with UK bank details by which we may make payment to you using BACS
  • No payment shall be considered late if made on or before the day that goods or services to which the payment relates are finally and completely supplied.
  • No payment shall be considered late if made within 5 working days after the day on which we first receive the invoice to which the payment relates.
  • No payment shall be considered late if the delay is demonstratably due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
  • No payment shall be considered late if the means of payment allow you to control the date on which payment is made (e.g. Direct Debit or card payment)
  • Payment by BACS or other bank transfer or electronic means shall be considered completed on the banking statement date on the account to which it was paid.
  • Payment by card shall be considered complete on the date that the card payment is authorised.
  • Payment by cheque or other voucher or token shall be considered completed on the date that the cheque/voucher/token is within your possession, in possession of your agent, or on your premises (even if not a working day).
  • Payment by offset of an amount due to you against an amount due to us shall be considered complete on the invoice date of our invoice to you.

Late payment penalties

Obviously we aim to never pay late, but mistakes can happen. We agree late payment penalties and interest shall be due for any payment we make that is late, as defined in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998, considering the above terms, subject to:

  • Late payment penalties and interest shall only be payable upon receipt by us of an invoice detailing the exact reasons for the penalties and interest charges and the invoice(s) to which the late payment relate.
  • Such invoice must be received by us within 3 months after the relevant late payment was made.
  • You agree that the above restrictions only define procedural and timing requirements relating to your right to penalties and that they do not exclude your right to penalties as defined in 8(1) of the Act.
  • Obviously this only applied to commercial contractual agreements for payment.

Invoices that do not add up

It seems impossible that anyone could send any invoice that does not add up, buy we have encountered suppliers that managed to send such invoices. As such the following terms apply in any case where an invoice does not add up, by which we mean any simple arithmetic in the invoice is incorrect or that VAT is miscalculated by more than 10p on the total invoice. (We have had major suppliers send invoices not adding up by tens of thousands of pounds, which is why we have this clause).

  • At our discretion we may reject the entire invoice as invalid, no late payment of an invalid invoice will apply, and payment will only be due when presented with a valid invoice (that adds up) as per above terms.
  • At out discretion we may apply the invoice, correcting any addition or using any value stated in a way that most benefits us.
  • We reserve our right to report any incorrect invoices to HMRC as possible VAT fraud.


All equipment supplied to us that does any IP at all, whether for resell or for our own use, must work with IPv6.


We do offer some dealers commission. This is offered on the basis of a non contractual agreement. We calculate the amount each month based on paid amounts from customers who have been introduced to us by dealers, and send a purchase order (E&OE). Please email if you need more information. But also do bear in mind the non contractual nature of this arrangement - we cannot enforce a dealer promoting our services or managing customers, and a dealer cannot enforce us paying any commission. This is a gentleman's agreement, bound by honour only, both ways.

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