Port your 07 mobile number to us

Mobile Number Porting

We can port in (and out) 07 mobile numbers. Once a number has been ported in it will be available on the Control Pages for you to configure. A number will then have the same features available as any of our other VoIP numbers.

Porting costs overview

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Ongoing rental for an 07 phone number

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Mobile Number Porting

Porting in

To port in your existing 07 UK Mobile number to our platform you need to obtain a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from the existing operator, then go through our order form. This normally takes one working day.

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Porting out

Whilst we have very limited porting agreements on most of our numbers, our 07 UK Mobile numbers can be ported out. This is currently a manual process, so email the sales team to ask for a PAC.

Contact Sales

email sales@aa.net.uk
phone 03333 400222
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Contact Support

email support@aa.net.uk
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