Multiple FTTC bonding for video production file transfers

High bandwidth & flexible contract

The stock answer for situations where high bandwidth is required is often, "get an ethernet leased line". However, there are often reasons why this isn't the best, or even a viable at all, solution.

Our client was setting up a new business primarily engaged in editing of large video files. They had taken new premises but intended only to stay for six months to a year, until the business was slightly better established. The relative newness of the business, together with the impending move meant a fibre ethernet service was not a practical possibility due to expense, installation timescale and contract term.

Nevertheless high bandwidth was seen as vital.

The solution was to deploy multiple FTTC 80/20 lines; the client was very close to a cabinet, so benefitted from close to maximum throughput. The FireBrick 2900 was preconfigured by A&A support, then tweaked after installation to maximise performance. This was all done without onerous minimum term commitments, and without the need of aggravation connected with roadworks, wayleave and similar often associated with a fibre install - and at a lower cost.

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