Case Study

Multiple fail over setup


A customer with a semi-rural office wanted an internet connection with multiple levels of fail over, but to keep the static IPv4 and IPv6 blocks routed over multiple connections for resilience. Being a rural location only (slow) ADSL is available natively, so alternatives were needed.

A Fibre Ethernet service is the ideal solution for a fast and reliable internet connection, but the customer wanted extra levels of resilience in case of a fault - a JCB cutting the fibre etc.

The office was installed with the following physical internet connections:

  • A&A Fibre Ethernet (leased line) - 1G bearer
  • Starlink satellite service (a non-A&A service)
  • 2x A&A ADSL lines (one via BT backhaul, the other TalkTalk backhaul)

Naturally a FireBrick FB2900 was installed and configured to give the following levels of fail over.

  1. Ethernet (Primary connection)
  2. A&A L2TP over Starlink
  3. A&A bonded ADSL
  4. Starlink, native

With levels 1 through to 3, the static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are re-routed accordingly, so the IPs in use do not change when the Ethernet fails-over to the L2TP or bonded ADSL.

Fail over and re-routing happens in about 20 seconds.

This means that VPN points, and various servers/IoT/cctv devices are available over the same IP addresses in the event of the fibre ethernet service failing.

FireBrick Status screen

Status screen of the FireBrick showing the port status. (ADSL 2 being unplugged during some testing)

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