Changing a Direct Debit

Some of our services require a Direct Debit to be maintained for the service to continue to work and this would be made clear during the order process. Typically this relates to our Home::1 internet service, but it also applies to others.

In these cases the general rule is: "always maintain an active Direct Debit Instruction". If not, we can suspend service regardless of your balance - but we know mistakes can happen and we will normally allow at least a week for you to fix things. We know banks can do odd things some times, so if we see a problem we do email you. If you keep failing a Direct Debit collections, that can, of course, also mean your service is suspended even if you do "maintain" a Direct Debit Instruction. If you need help, especially vulnerable customers, please do contacts us - it is always better to talk to us than ignore the problem.

It is perfectly fine to move a Direct Debit to a new bank, but the new Direct Debit needs to be replaced in good time, ideally replace the Direct Debit in one go. There are two ways a Direct Debit can be moved, automatically by the bank or manually yourself:


Many banks will offer a service to move Direct Debits to your new account when moving banks - the Current Account Switching system. Most of the time this will just happen seamlessly. We will email you when your DD changes like this.


You can manually move your Direct Debit, and there are a few ways to do this, see below:

Manually changing your Direct Debit


  1. Login to our billing website here :
  2. Click on more information & options then Replace DD
  3. Follow the instructions there
  4. We'll email you confirmation

Please don't Cancel DD as that can leave you without an active DD and mean service is suspended.


  1. Email and ask for a mandate to be emailed to you
  2. Complete and email this mandate back to us as an attachment or send via post
  3. You will then receive an email confirming the bank details you have provided, if there are any mistakes please do contact us immediately
  4. If you do not receive an email from us within a few days & you have returned this via post, please contact Accounts on 033 33 400 666 & we will find an alternative method


  1. Call our accounts department on 033 33 400 666 between the hours of 9am & 5pm, Monday to Friday
  2. Provide your bank details over the phone
  3. We record all of our calls & will use this call for our records; you can ask us to supply this recording also if necessary
  4. We'll email you confirmation

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