PCBs working with E-Paper


E-Paper is a technology that allows a display which is very low power and persists even when the power if off. There are several manufacturers that make such panels, and Waveshare is one of the main ones.

Many of the panels use the same FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) connector, a "universal" driver is available as a "HAT" for raspberry Pi and similar boards and available from Waveshare.

We have made a number of boards designed to work with these various e-paper "raw" panels.

These are available on Amazon, and allow use of any of these "universal" e-paper panels. The smallest is designed to fit behind a 1.54" (39.12mm) diagonal panel (which is available as black/white or black/red/white). The largest is designed to fit behind a 7.5" (190.5mm) diagonal panel with back light LEDs all around the edge.

Each of these boards has links for switching between 3 and 4 wire SPI (default 4 wire), and for changing the boost circuit from 0R47 and 3R (0R47 for larger panels).

  • Small board (fits on back of 1.54" e-paper), Amazon
  • Larger board (fits on back of 7.5" e-paper) with 24 LEDs Amazon

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