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GPS devices

GPS boards relate to global positioning systems. The main product here is a GPS logger solution. But the GPS module board can be used with the Solar System as a clock reference.

GPS logger and GPS module

The key thing here is YOU OWN THE DATA! It is not cloud based.

The GPS logger solution is a two board system - a logger and a GPS module. The module can be directly connected (as depicted) or via a cable. In a suitable 3D printed case the GPS module can be a small item on a dash board of a car for example.

The logger module is not about providing live data, it logs data, stores on a MicroSD card, and automatically uploads over WiFi when home - no need to mess with the MicroSD card, etc.

This is specifically targeted at the market for GPS logging without the need for any cloud accounts or login, or data being sent anywhere else. You control where the data goes. A 16GB MicroSD card can easily store 1 second logs for over a year, but once each journey is uploaded the file is deleted from the SD card. There are a load of settings for what you log and don't log.


The log data contains all the usual GPS data points, and as well as total distance per journey. It also includes accelerometer data per second. Start and stop of journey are automatically detected. It also logs an odometer for journeys, and reports data via MQTT.

Key applications:

  • Company car usage logs, or company bicycle.
  • Delivery driver logging.
  • Personal car usage logs that can be selectively used for expense claims.
  • Fun, for walking/exercise logs (does not count steps, yet). No, not really small enough to attach to a pet, sorry.

Each journey is logged to either a JSON or GPX file on a microSD card. And all the journeys are added to a CSV file on the microSD card. On return home these are automatically uploaded to an http/https server, or emailed if you prefer. Logs include date/time and nearest postcode for start and end of each journey, as well as total distance of each journey. This makes it easy to compile expense claims.

As with all of our small circuit boards, this is sold as an assembled circuit board that can be used for any purpose, and any software pre-loaded is for convenience from open source (with no warranty) software. See for software and issues and discussion of the software. This is a component, not a final product, without leads or case - but is pretty much ready to use.

But once again, YOU OWN THE DATA! It is not cloud based.


GPS logger and GPS module

The two boards you need to make a logger. The boards plug together. You will need USB-C lead, 16GB MicroSD card, CR2032 battery, and optionally a LiPo battery.

£30.00 (Logger) + £30.00 (GPS)

Quick Order: 1x 2x



GPS logger and GPS module and extras

The two boards you need to make a logger. The boards plug together, or you can use the included plug/socket so you can connect via a lead (e.g. GPS on dashboard).

  • The two PCBs to make logger
  • 16GB MicroSD card, formatted, with postcode file loaded
  • CR2032 button cell for GPS module
  • Plug and socket with push fit connectors (ideal for solid cable) to allow GPS to be connected via a lead.

Does not include the optional LiPo battery. Readily available (2mm spacing connector), e.g Amazon. It is useful if you have a car install where USB power turns off when ignition is off. Take care with LiPo batteries, especially in a hot car in summer. Image shows how LiPo may be installed using gecko tape.

£30.00 (Logger) + £30.00 (GPS) + £18.00 (extras)

Quick Order: 1x 2x


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