Faikin: Alternative Daikin WiFi module



Our most popular circuit board: This PCB is designed to fit in Daikin air-con / heat-pumps to provide WiFi control and integration. Unlike the standard Daikin WiFi this is stand alone and does not need Internet access or an account on a cloud system. It fits the standard "S21" connector - some Daikin units have a lead for this as standard and others need a lead, which can often be purchased from Daikin or other suppliers, or home made.

  • Small PCB (smaller than official WiFi board)
  • Works in place of Daikin BRP069B41 or BRP069C41
  • Local web control over WiFI, no need for internet access or cloud account
  • MQTT working - allows monitoring and control over MQTT
  • Integration with Home Assistant (via MQTT)
  • Can work with BlueCoinT BLE, and other cheap generic BLE remote temperature sensors
  • Works with S21 and X50 based interfaces
  • 3D case design on GitHub

Github: https://github.com/revk/ESP32-Faikin

Buy on amazon: £30.00: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0C2ZYXNYQ

Compatible models: https://github.com/revk/ESP32-Faikin/wiki/List-of-confirmed-working-air-con-units

Special offer: We have a number of the older modules (3.3V working, so not working with all Daikin), and some with faulty status LEDs. £10.00 Order quantity: 1 2 3 4

WiFi control

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