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This page is for specialist boards, but we only have one board at this point - the ASR33 controller.

If you would like a custom board created, please let us know.


You may think we are mad doing lunar billing, but this is a ridiculously specific circuit board and we were delighted when someone ordered one, thank you. We would love to hear your stories of its use. We have a small number of these in stock.

IMPORTANT: This is a very specialised hobbyist board.

It is designed to work with 20mA current loop interfaces to an antique ASR33 teletype working at 110 Baud. It has an input to allow a button to turn on/off as some ASR33s have extra buttons which can be used for this (even marked "MOTOR START" in some cases). It has outputs to work solid state relays to power the teletype, and separately the motor start (this usually means linking in to the motor supply in the ASR33). The mains switching solid state relays are not included but readily available from Amazon and easy to fit in the base of a teletype.

The open source software allows working of the teletype by MQTT, and also by direct TCP connection. It also includes several interactive functions including punching large text on the paper tape, and a complete copy of the classic Colossal Cave adventure game which can be played locally with no Internet connection.

Note: current boards in stock have no USB/UART. The USB-C connector can be used for power, but programming is via a pin header/pads. Pre-loaded with code for ASR33 which allows over the air updates.

Special offer: If you buy one of these boards, please do email the sales team if you would like a free 3D printed answer-back drum for your ASR33. Advise the 14 character text you would like as part of a standard answer-back sequence.

GitHub: https://github.com/revk/ESP32-ASR33

Buy for £48.00: Order qty 1

Example ASR33 usage

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