High Volume Email Users

Our email services cater for individual home users right through to huge corporates. The service allows unlimited email addresses and aliases within a domain. You can send and receive as much email as you like.

The service also includes spam checking on inbound email, an essential feature to manage the amount of email you receive.

However, it is clearly not fair for the same price to apply for a single home user with one mailbox, and a large corporate with thousands of busy mailboxes. So we have some additional charges which can apply if you are a heavier user of email.

The extra charges apply to the whole domain, not per mailbox. There are no charges based on number of mailboxes.


IMAP mailboxes hold email on the server (our servers). This is very useful and allows the same mailbox to be used from multiple computers seamlessly. Using POP you can also tell your email client to leave mail on the server (usually with a time limit).

If the total storage of email on mailboxes for a domain exceeds 1GB then we make an additional charge for each additional GB, or part, stored. This is based on the peak mailbox usage in the month added together for the domain. You can see this on the control pages.

The charge for each extra GB is only £1.20/GB

High usage

Your domain is classified as light usage, standard or high usage based on the amount of email you receive for the whole domain. Only email to valid mailbox addresses or aliases count.

To be fair, we meter total validly addressed received and spam checked emails (pass or fail) for the domain each month, and we email you if the level is higher than your current classification. Only after three months of usage that are higher than your classification do we change your classification to standard or high usage. That way you get plenty of warning. Only then is the usage charge applied from your next bill.

Light usage email services cost £1.20 per month. This includes us processing up to 5,000 emails per month, and you have to exceed this for three months in a row to be re-classified.

Standard email services cost £6.00 per month Standard usage includes us processing up to 10,000 emails per month, and you have to exceed this for three months in a row to be re-classified.

High usage email service costs £120.00 per month.

The emails are counted if we receive them for a valid email address (mailbox or alias). We do not count emails that are to invalid addresses only.

If you are classified as standard or high usage, then you are automatically re-classified to a lower level if you process fewer emails over a period of 3 months. However, please contact us if you think your email usage has changed significantly and we will be happy to change your usage level from your next bill.

Avoiding extra costs

A typical light home user will not see extra costs even if the whole family have separate mailboxes.

To avoid storage charges, do not keep old emails that you do not need. You can set your Trash folder to delete old emails automatically. Keeping your mailboxes within 1GB avoids any charges.

To avoid high usage charges, set up email addresses and aliases specifically rather than using a wildcard which will attract a lot of junk and spam. Avoid posting your email address on web sites or giving it out publicly.

Remember, to be regraded as a higher level email user you have to have high incoming emails for three months and get warnings every month. If you know you will be a high user you can tell sales at the start if you prefer.

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