Basic web site hosting


We can provide web space for any domain you have. This allows you to have a web site containing web pages, images, videos, etc. It does not include php or sql or other such features, but this does not stop you creating a stunning web site.

Setting up

The domain control pages allow you to set up the DNS. This is normally set up for you. Simply create an entry for www with a CNAME to our web server which is You can also create an entry of type Web password with a password. This defines the password for loading web pages on to the site. You can set multiple passwords and any will work. You can set password for specific sub domains if you like.

Uploading Files

To load web pages use FTP with the username of your web site, e.g. and the password you defined. You can then load pages and create directories, etc. The index page should be called index.html.

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For web pages

For the sake of clarification, the service offered is a web space service for publication of web sites and associated material accessed by http. It is not a general purpose file storage or FTP repository. FTP is provided solely for the purpose of updating the site. During maintenance we may limit or suspend the ability to update pages by FTP for a period of time.

Pricing overview

Webspace £1.00 +VAT Learn more

Pricing is based on the peak usage per month, rounded up to the nearest Gigabyte

£1.00 +VAT per GB/month

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