COVID-19: A&A will boost your quota for free if you need it

Usage Quotas & Line Checks

We know that, with the widespread concern about coronavirus, more people need to work from home, and so will use their home Internet connection more than usual.

Even with this anticipated increase in demand, our target remains the same as always: to ensure links to carriers are not congested, so that we are never the bottleneck. We'll be doing our usual monitoring to keep an eye on things, and we don't expect any customer to experience a slow down just because of increased usage.

In terms of quotas, many customers are on our multi-terabyte packages and so should not have a problem but, if you are on one of our smaller packages and find yourself coming close to exceeding your quota because of these unexpected circumstances, we'll be automatically topping up quotas on our Home::1, SoHo::1 and Office::1 tariffs, absolutely free of charge. We can't cure coronavirus, but we can help you cope with its effects.

Customers on our legacy 'unit' tariffs can get in touch with staff and we'll apply extra usage manually for you at no cost.

If you need to get staff connected remotely in a hurry, don’t forget that our data SIMs have no minimum term and we can usually post them out for next day delivery, straight to your staff member’s chosen address. We also have a number of 3G/4G USB modems in stock, ready to be sent out too.

When will topups end?

These will end on 1st September 2021.


Line quality checkup

We have systems which graph the quality of your broadband line. These graphs are available on the control page, but our support staff are happy to manually review the these and let you know if we see any thing problematic that may affect home working. We'll be able to see if your line is dropping, is under-performing or has a suspect fault. This may be useful to you if you don't usually work from home and want to have confidence in your internet connection.

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