VoIP pricing / gTLD pricing / CityFibre progress / SOGEA progress

December 2022 Newsletter


VoIP pricing

Tin/Bronze was £1+VAT now £1.20+VAT, Silver was £2+vat now £2.40+vat, Gold was £10+VAT now £12+vat.

After over a decade of no price changes on our SIP number services, we are making the difficult decision to raise the price of the monthly charge on our SIP services. We still feel these are extremely good value, and hope you agree. The price of a £1.00+VAT SIP account will rise to £1.20+VAT. For most customers this will mean a 20p (plus VAT) increase to their bill.

These prices will be effective from 1st Feb 2023. Any numbers you realise you are not using can, of course, be cancelled without penalty.

We are not raising broadband prices at this time, and currently have no plans to do so.

CityFibre Progress

In July we announced we had signed a contract with Alt-Net fibre provider, CityFibre. In November, our initial testing being complete, we announced we were commencing customer orders. Since then, we have received a good number of enquiries, and have a few dozen orders delivered or in progress. Coverage area is limited but we are happy with the results, and our team is learning a lot about how to interact with CityFibre at a wholesale level.

Our team is accepting and successfully delivering orders placed by customers located in CityFibre coverage areas!

gTLD Domain Pricing

Unfortunately we are raising our price on gTLD registrations (.com/.net/.org etc. domains). At present we charge £1+VAT per month for these, and this has been the price for a very long time – at least ten years. Due to our wholesale price rising we will be increasing this to £1.50+VAT per month. DNS will remain at £1.00+VAT per month, and we have no plans to change this and pricing for UK domains is not changing.

SOGEA Progress

As you may have heard the Openreach PSTN network will be closed down in 2025, and stop-sell will happen in 2023. This means analogue copper phone lines will become a thing of the past. All copper-based broadband services will have to be moved to a service called SOGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access). SOGEA combines the copper component to the cabinet with the broadband component into a single product.

We have been carefully progressing test orders of existing customers who buy our copper pair and broadband services together, and have processed a few hundred orders successfully so far. We will accelerate this programme to ensure we are fully migrated long before the legacy services are terminated. Customers who have been switched so far have either seen no outage at all, or a very brief (under one minute) outage whilst the switchover happens. Soon, all new provide orders will be SOGEA only.

Season's Greetings From All At A&A!

Best wishes for the season from everyone at A&A. And we look forward to a hopefully peaceful and successful 2023. Our website will be updated to show opening times for the festive period.

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