L2TP Service Changes

NEWS: L2TP Service price changes

From December 1st 2021 we will be making some changes to our L2TP service.
These changes will increase the speed cap and usage quota for everyone and will reduce the price for some.
We are also introducing a new L2TP service that is aimed for IoT / VoIP / Out-of-band use cases where you don't don't require high speed or high usage but do need a public IPv4/IPv6 address.
You can Find out more about our L2TP service here.

Existing 'Domestic L2TP' Changes

Our L2TP service provides a public IPv4 address and a /64 block of IPv6, typical use-cases are to bypass NAT/CGNAT.

Old From December 2021 Note
Speed cap 100Mb/s 200Mb/s Doubles
Usage Quota 1TB/Month 2TB/Month Doubles
Price £10/month, including VAT £10/month, including VAT Stays the same

Existing 'Business L2TP' Changes

The business L2TP service offers higher usage cap and, optionally, a /29 block of IPv4 addresses.

Old From December 2021 Note
Speed cap 100Mb/s 200Mb/s Doubles
Usage Quota 2TB/Month 5TB/month More than doubles
Price £20/month, excluding VAT £15/month, excluding VAT Reduces

New 'L2TP Light' Service

The new L2TP Light service is aimed at devices needing a public IP address but not high usage or speed requirements. Good for out-of-band access or giving a small VoIP PBX a public IPv6 and IPv4 address.

Speed cap 3Mb/s
Usage Quota 1TB/Month
Price £2/month, excluding VAT

All our L2TP services have a 1 month minimum term and a £2.40 setup fee.

Existing L2TP customers will have the new quota applied from 1st December 2021, and will have the speed cap updated when their equipment next logs in.

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