Uplifts to Home::1, SoHo::1 and Office::1

Usage update for October 2022


We are happy to announce that inclusive usage on all Home::1 / Soho::1 / Office::1 packages has been raised. Pricing will remain the same.

The changes are as follows :

  • Home::1 500G will rise to¬†1TB (= 1,000GB)
  • Home::1 5TB will rise to 10TB (= 10,000GB)
  • SoHo::1 800GB will rise to 2TB (= 2,000GB)
  • SoHo::1 8TB will rise to 20TB (= 20,000GB)
  • Office::1 10TB will rise to 20TB (= 20,000GB)

You do not need to do anything! This will be automatically reflected in the narrative of your next invoice from A&A. Once again, the price will not change.

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