L2TP Service: speed and quota upgrades


With no change in price we have upgraded our L2TP service. This means customers will be getting at least double the speed and double the monthly quota.

The Changes

Domestic Service:

Was: 200Mb/s and 2TB/month
Now: 400Mb/s and 5TB/month

Business Service:

Was: 200Mb/s and 5TB/month
Now: 600Mb/s and 10TB/month

These higher speeds and quotas will be of benefit to our customers using Internet services from providers such as Virgin Media, Starlink and other fibre providers, who will benefit from the increase in speed whilst maintaining the use of public IP addresses and avoiding NAT, CGNAT etc.


  • Both services offer IPv6 and a fixed WAN IPv4 address.
  • The existing L2TP 'Light' Service remains unchanged.
  • The Business service offers an additional /30 or /29 IPv4 block too.
  • Domestic customers are able to order the Business grade service if they require.
  • The new monthly quota will start from 2023-03-01.
  • Existing customers will need to reconnect to see the speed increase.
  • Customers will only see the speed increase if their underlying internet connection is fast enough too.
  • This change has been made possible due to us recently upgrading our L2TP service to use FireBrick FB9000 routers.

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