VAT and pricing


Prices marked with an inverted dagger (†) on this site are prices based on a VAT exclusive price, but displayed as an inclusive price. This means that if the VAT rate should change then the VAT exclusive price does not automatically change, but the VAT inclusive price will change.

What this means for consumers

  • For example, if our site prices something is £12.00†, this is an inclusive price but based on a VAT exclusive price. That means if the VAT rate changes, for example from 20% to 30%, the price you would pay would change from £12.00 to £13.00.

What this means for VAT registered businesses

  • The effect would be no change to the amount you ultimately pay as you can reclaim the VAT. In the £12.00† example, this is comprised of £10.00 of actual price and £2.00 of VAT. If the VAT rate changes from 20% to 30% then the amount you'd pay us would change from £12.00 to £13.00 but, as a VAT registered business the amount you'd reclaim on your VAT return would also change from £2 to £3. So the amount actually paid would stay at £10.00.

Other cases

This page mostly deals with when quote a price on the web site that is VAT inclusive but is based on a VAT exclusive price (having a † link to this page).

In other places on the site, we quote VAT inclusive pricing without any denotation (our footer makes it clear that prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated) and on products predominantly aimed at businesses, where we quote VAT exclusive pricing, but then append +VAT after the price to make it clear.

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