Ditch calls on your landline but keep your number and use VoIP

Porting Landlines to VoIP

Many people see using a copper pair (AKA phone line) for actual telephony as somewhat antiquated and would like to move the copper pair to us for broadband but move their number to Voice over IP. Normally moving a number to VoIP kills the phone line and broadband, but we can do this without a break in service. This is called renumber and export.

We can port in numbers without the loss of the broadband and the copper pair service only if the broadband and copper pair are provided by us, we have a procedure to transfer the copper pair to us and then initiate the export to VoIP.

Costs overview

Broadband Number Porting £12.00 Learn more

Renumber and export of a phone number used for broadband

£12.00 Per number
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Monthly £1.20 Learn more

Monthly cost for the phone number (not the phone line/copper pair)

£1.20 per number
Calls from 1.25p Learn more

Charges for the calls you make

from 1.25p per minute

Once a number has been ported in it will be available on the Control Pages for you to configure. A number will then have the same features available as any of our other numbers.

Ordering scenarios

You are a brand new customer, ordering broadband

You can place an order for broadband, and you will be offered an option for a "phone line take over".

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You have broadband from us already but we don't provide the phone line

In this case we will take over the phone line service and will port the number to our VoIP service.

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You have broadband and the copper pair from us already

In this case, please contact sales who can progress the renumber and port manually.

You don't have broadband on the line, you only want to port the number in

In this case, please use our VoIP order page and choose the option to port in your number. The existing phone line and services such as broadband on it will be ceased as part of the process.

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Key Features

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Low Landline rental

Typically our charges for the copper pair (the land line to your premises) would be cheaper than from BT and many other providers


Bills all in one place

The invoice you get from us will include details regarding the copper pair and the broadband

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Low call rates

Our call rates for calling UK landlines and mobiles are competitive


More Features

You'll be able to take advantage of our standard VoIP features such as voicemail, call recordings, Calling Line Identification and so on at no extra cost. There is more on our VoIP page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both! The order form will give you the option for this whether you're a new customer ordering for the first time or if we are already providing broadband to you.

  1. You place the order via our order page. This is day 1.
  2. We set up the number on our VoIP system right away, and you can configure your VoIP phone if you wish. No calls can be made or received via VoIP yet but you can still make and receive calls on the original phone line.
  3. Right away, we initiate moving the copper pair over to us from your original provider.
  4. 10 working days later the copper pair is moved to us and we start the renumber and export process.
  5. On this day, incoming calls will still arrive on the copper pair but outbound calls will need to be placed on the VoIP service.
  6. The number export usually completes later the same day, but sometimes the next day.
  7. Once complete, inbound and outbound calls are on the VoIP service and the process is completed.

Simply order your broadband service. As part of the ordering process we will ask if you want a copper pair with your broadband and take details of where you need it.

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If the broadband is with us, then no. The whole idea behind this is that the broadband is not meant to be affected.

Yes, your A&A landline (copper pair) will be given a new number.

To keep the phone line active and the broadband active the services will need to be provided by us. If you simply want to port a land line in to us then we can do that but the remaining phone line (and services that use the phone line such as broadband) will end up being ceased. This cease will happen by your existing provider, so do check with them that the services will be properly ceased once the number port has been completed.

Yes, you will still get calls from the BT Text service reading the text message to you.

Calls to 999/112 will work on the VoIP service but not on the Copper Pair.

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The copper pair itself is installed by Openreach just like a BT phone line, on our behalf. No telephone service is provided on this copper pair, it is purely for broadband use.

Whilst there is no telephone service as such, the pair does have some audio when connected to a telephone - this is purely to stop any engineers thinking the pair is unused and taking it for another installation or fault repair. It also allows a quiet line test so one can hear crackles or interference that may be the cause of a fault. As such we still expect customers to have a telephone handset available for fault repair and diagnostics.

We do not normally allow any calls. However, for customers where we have allowed calls on a line they are charged at whatever Openreach charge us plus 20%

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