Reselling ONSIM on our SIP2SIM platform


We have offered a SIP2SIM service for many years and it has gone through several stages - firstly using Three, and then Manx. Sadly Manx are pulling the plug end of April 2024, and the newest offering we have is using ONSIM but through our platform.

Service available now!

We understand how much of a problem it is for customers losing the previous service, and have been working hard on this new service. We hope to fully launch shortly, but we are taking on customers early. If you wish to have an eSIM now, Order now or email with the number you would like to associate with the eSIM. This needs to be an existing A&A number on your account, but does not actually have to be an 07 number. We can also do one without a number if you wish, email your control pages login (username@a). Normal charges apply: £10.00 +VAT/month and any call/SMS charges if linked through your A&A VoIP account (which is the default).

The main thing we are waiting on is data packages, but even without, it is ideal as a second SIM / number on a phone. If it does not work for you, we'll refund the monthly charges, but obviously we want feedback on the whole process (just email the trail address). Thanks.

Our main service pages have been updated with where we are on this now.

Contact Sales

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Contact Support

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